3개월 전

I still haven’t registered the overwhelming amount of ways there are to interpret this present pandemic, but something tells me we’re going to have a fair amount of time to do just that.

I wouldn't have embarrassed myself by making a commitment like this again, without being as sure (I feel I have to make an evil-eye when I say that) as I can possibly be, that I can honour it. Believe me when I tell you that good intentions pave the way to hell - you won't be thanked for them at any rate - and you'll be wise to take my advice and at least keep your good intentions to yourself. That way if you happen to fulfill whatever you wished to live up to in the first place, you will make an impression at the last minute and if you don't, no one would have inown that you don't set enough store by your word to even keep it. It's that simple and that big a deal in my book and trust me, I learnt the hard way.

This may seem confusing and I wouldn't be surprised if you're thinking she's off her rocker, but it is important that I just commit to posting this and I promise, all will be made clear.

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