Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on v2.5.0

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Screenshot_20191231_121250.jpgOur designers take delivery of shaped hard, so you don’t be given to. Get professionally carried outvarieties after acquirements to be an in a position in structure theory. Your customizations will acclimate to the satisfactory designing practices that we be givenblanketed in the patterns with adaption in mind. two

Simple to use. Seamless affiliation with Gravity Forms and your theme. This is a congenital Gravity Forms add-on and not a plugin that armament itself on top of Gravity Forms from the outside.
Easily actualize anatomy layouts with STYLES SELECTOR: Simple to use GUI based appearance selector for all fields, actualize and change blueprint from aural the anatomy adapt page.
Actualize circuitous anatomy layouts let the plugin handle all devices.
NEW STYLES: Introduces added styles for creating anatomy layout. We’ve arranged several applied layouting options above the ones included with Gravity Forms.
Responsive anatomy styles advised with avant-garde awning sizes and UX requirements in mind, with a adaptable aboriginal approach.
Hierarchical CSS structure. Easily and bound adapt your CSS afterwards breaking aggregate about an element. Adapts to your affair application bequest based, non-absolute CSS techniques.
RTL support
Light weight. No big-fat files. Smaller and able styles accomplish the CSS amount fast.
Compatible with Gravity Forms Ready classes. If you’ve acclimated it on your forms already, you can use it alongside the plugin and not anguish about redesigning from scratch. If anything, you alone get added optinos to style… way added options!
No charge to drudge Gravity Forms with appropriate shortcodes. Just use as regular.
Use assorted capacity on the aforementioned page.
Compatible with Gravity Forms widgets.
9 congenital visually altered capacity included for forms with simple customization settings. From Bootstrap, to Material to Flat appearance forms and abounding more.
Inherit Anatomy Styles from your WordPress theme, and adapt them.
Floating Labels for Material anatomy styles
Adapt anniversary affair separately.
Affair customization options for fields:
Font (over 300+ Google fonts)
Font size
Font style
Acreage agreement (below)
Figure color
Bound color, width, style
Acreage accomplishments color
Active acreage accomplishments color
Active acreage bound color
Automatic placeholder blush adding based on acreage color
Affair options for acreage labels
Font (over 300+ Google fonts)
Font size
Font style
Affair options for background:
Absence (use the absence accomplishments blush or angel with the theme)
None / Transparent
Blush (with accuracy option)
Affair options for buttons
Adapt argument color
Adapt accomplishments color
Easily address enable/disable your Custom CSS in one place.
Address simpler and faster CSS for Gravity Forms.
Complete check of the Gravity Forms Styles for avant-garde needs. The new Styles are lighter, non-repeating and accounting hierarchically to be a lot of able and simple to override, if charge be.
Adeptness to adumbrate labels for fields. Useful if you wish to use placeholders only.
Adapt validation bulletin for your form; adeptness to use HTML aural the validation message.
Validation Bulletin Popup: appearance validation bulletin in a CSS popup; automatically annal to the aboriginal acreage with error.
Add icons to fields, accept a appearance to appearance the icons; adeptness to appearance icons afore or afterwards the field.
Add icons to choices (checkbox or radio fields), accept a appearance to appearance the icons; adeptness to appearance icons afore or afterwards the characterization text.
Use a altered blush for anniversary time you use an icon.
Add images to radio and checkbox choices.
Adapt anatomy button colors
Developed by acclimatized designers. This plugin utilizes best practices for UI\UX architecture with focus on the affluence of use best practices for coding, ability utilization, browser friendliness, and acceleration were the focus during planning and development.
Compatible with Multi-Page forms

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