An ad exchange is a marketplace where buyers and sellers trade digital advertising space. In 2018 more than $200 billion USD will be traded via ad exchanges around the world. Many of these exchanges are interlinked and reselling each others inventory. Google is the largest player in the field with a huge network of publisher websites via their Adsense and DoubleClick platforms.

There are other blockchain projects also targeting this space but to our knowledge these are mainly reselling inventory and no other project we are aware of has a publisher base as large as JSEcoin which at time of writing stands at 23,000 publisher websites and 12,000,000 impressions per day.

This publisher base has been built via the publisher mining platform and 81% of publishers have also opted-in to display additional advertising once available. This provides a huge established direct supply-side for the network which is already in place and ready to go.

At a conservative $5 eCPM (Earnings per thousand visitors) we estimate this traffic is valued at around $1,500,000 USD per month.
12,000,000 daily impressions / 1000 * $5 * 81% * 30 days = $1,458,000
These are current figures while the token is not tradeable, after the exchange listing we expect volumes on the publisher side to soar.

There is huge potential here for JSEcoin to add value for publishers who want to mine and earn additional revenue through advertising at the same time. All advertising features will be optional and website owners can switch them on and off as they please on a per site basis. This will not go live until the token is listed on exchange so publishers can directly compare JSE advertising to traditional exchanges such as adsense.

Demand for the advertising will come from brand advertisers, media buyers, affiliate marketers, resellers and direct response marketers. These are large clients who will be technically and financially capable of purchasing high volumes of JSE tokens on exchange to fund their advertising campaigns.

The JSE team has existing contacts in the ad-tech industry and a marketing budget will be provided to launch the exchange to both new publishers and advertisers.

Advertising will be in the form of a multi-channel system with the publisher being able to enable/disable each channel to suit their sites audience and monetization requirements.

  • Banner ad / Video / Native
  • Interstitial/Pop Under
  • Text/link monetization
  • Redirect/shortlink ad

When any single transaction takes place the advertiser will be required to purchase the full amount of JSE on exchange. A percentage of the publishers receiving tokens will sell immediately and a percentage will hold their tokens creating an imbalance in supply and demand which could benefit all stakeholders in the project. This will form an important part of the JSE economy.


Development and testing of the ad-exchange will start this year with the feature going live in 2019.

Further information available in the whitepaper at

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JSECoin looking good. Upvoted and resteemed! :)

The idea behind jsecoin is good, but I have my questions.

Why the hell you need ad exchange?

If people opt in to mine coins, they don't want to see ads...
If difficulty of hash goes up, it will take a lot of users to earn that freaking coin and if it's just 06 cents O_O I really don't know...

Mined Your coin for 1 hour: at first 1 hash I earned 1 coin, then after 60 minutes solved 45 hashed, got another 1jse so it's 0.016 cents.

It's waste of energy :////

1 JSE Platform Mining 9/10/2018, 5:27:32 AM
1 JSE Platform Mining 9/10/2018, 4:51:15 AM

ITS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how you get 5$ per 1000, since most user time on site is 3 minutes on average and it takes like a hour to earn your fucking coin which I even can't sell to anybody....

Any webmaster using the snippet wants to earn NOW, not after 10 years. Also I'm a web surfer never found any website using your code. Never ever, but the idea is good.

Look forward to seeing this.