How can contributors to Steemit who are experts in niche subjects benefit from it?

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This is something that has constantly concerned me about this platform. I am an expert astrologer and like everybody under Covid I've been suffering hugely, and I'm constantly looking for ways to boost my income and my profile across the world. I'd like to do that on Steemit, but I find that the rules and the way that platform operates does not benefit those who have special skills or interests that diverge from making videos, taking photos or from being totally obsessed by cryptocurrencies.

Shouldn't it be the case that everybody has a chance to benefit from this platform, and not just those who said it up in the first place? Because I study your subject that doesn't have instant impact on people, why should it be that I'm ignored and nobody takes any interest in the work that I do? After all, it takes just as much work if not more to research and write an astrology post than it does for any other type of creation or philosophical work.

You know guys I could work for a couple of hours on something and not have anybody read it on here, so what is the point? I think this comes down to the way that this platform is dominated by financially driven people, and not by the more creative types.

I think the rules need to be fundamentally changed, so those who provide work that is more long lasting and thought-provoking can have their work appreciated and understood.

The first change I would make would be to change the 30 minute rule on posts being valid for curation to 24 hours so that the whole world can appreciate the work you've put in to a post or blog. After all, we live in a global village, and shouldn't someone in Australia who is sleeping when I create something in the UK be able to benefit read and look at what I have done? All I am suggesting here it's fairness, taking the short term attitude out of Steemit, and providing a space for everybody to show what they can do.

Please can you consider these changes and I hope there will be a groundswell of opinion and debate that we need to embrace everyone and everything, all ideas and all talents, no matter how unique they may or may not be.

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