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Some Steem node maintainers may already have encountered problems when rebooting their dedicated servers (for example, after installing security updates) without stopping the running steemd instance(s) beforehand.

Just running reboot in the terminal will in many cases corrupt the database, which leads to a necessary full blockchain replay afterwards. This may not be the case when running the node as a service, because the system then waits for the process to gracefully shutdown, but otherwise one should be cautious about using the reboot command.

Yesterday, while I was preparing one of my servers that is running a full node for the coming SDS environment, I needed to reboot the system and I forgot to stop the main steemd process. As described, the database got corrupted and the following logs appeared:

Luckily, I created a backup of the blockchain folder a few hours before, which helped me to get things running again without much waiting time. I advice you to regularly create backups! Trust me, you don't want to wait for a week to replay the whole blockchain again ;)

I thought about how to solve the reboot issue once for all and I created a bash script that enables us to make a smooth reboot just by executing it with root privileges.

Bash Script


function checkProcesses()
    proc_ids=($(pidof "$proc_name"))

for (( i=0; i<$proc_count; i++ )); do
    echo "Found process with id: ${proc_ids[$i]}. Sending SIGINT..."
    kill -SIGINT ${proc_ids[$i]}

while [ $proc_count -gt 0 ]
    echo "$proc_count process(es) still running. Waiting for close..."
    sleep 3

echo "No processes found. Rebooting system..."

The script checks for running steemd processes, sends a SIGINT signal to each process found and waits for their finish, before starting the actual reboot command.

Just store the script in a file on your server, add execution rights with chmod +x and you are good to go.

The script can also be downloaded directly here:

I hope this helps Steem witnesses and node providers in general to be able to reboot their system more smoothly from now on.

Terminal Output

Steem On!

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Servus Steemchiller,

erstmal großes Lob und vielen Dank für den neuen (?) Steem Account Watch, ein weiteres sehr mächtiges Tool! Nun muss ich aber folgende Fehler dazu melden:

  • Bei Filterung nach "Account" funktionieren keine Operatoren und somit dieser Filter überhaupt nicht. Ich wollte den Account eines Freundes, dessen Schreibweise wir nicht genau wissen und der mit "u" anfängt suchen. Das geht aber nicht, da ich da auch mit 1.000 Treffern nicht mal in die Nähe komme bei Sortierung nach Account.
  • Ein Nullwert ("= 0") wird nicht angenommen als Filterkriterium. Es kommen dann alle Werte. Mit z. B. "<= 0.001" geht es.

Der Account hat sehr unspezifische Daten, da er wie viele andere nur angelegt wurde und sonst nichts. Gerade fiel mir ein, dass eine Eingrenzung nach "Created" ginge. Es geht auch mit doppelter Verwendung, also erst mit ">=" und dann mit "<=", aber die richtige Eingabesyntax ist leider nicht erkennbar.


Ich habe es gerade mit den angelsächsischen Schreibweisen "mm/dd/yyyy" und "yyyy/mm/dd" versucht, aber da fängt er gar nicht erst an zu suchen. Der Button löst zwar aus, springt aber nach einem Sekundenbruchteil wieder zurück, ohne dass sich was tut. Auch eine Fehlermeldung kommt nicht.


Danke fürs Testen! Ja, die Datumseingabe ist noch nicht genauer erklärt und ich werde da wahrscheinlich noch ein paar 'Datepicker' hinzufügen. Du könntest mal das Format wie angezeigt (2020-10-13, 16:29:18) probieren oder den numerischen Unix-Timestamp (z.B. von

Ich habe übrigens gerade eben die *chen-Suche hinzugefügt:
steem*, *steem, *steem* und *teem*iller sollten jetzt auch funktionieren ;)

Filterung nach '0' werde ich nachher mal prüfen.

Im wondering... Is Steemit being attacked right now?
1000s of ridiculous usernames are being made every minuteand they are sending phishing links to everyone. Like this....

And like this


What do we do?


Thanks for the info. I will report it to our spam fighters ;)


Thank you.

Hi @steemchiller. I write you from Caracas- Venezuela.

Today I thought that my account was being hacked because while I was seeing part of the @ interface, at the top of the screen on my mobile phone from where I manage my account, it threw a message in red that said "se You have deactivated 98% of your SP. If you did not do this, act now! " The message made me nervous, which is why I immediately thought of transferring my 19 SBD balance to prevent them from being stolen. The entry into the wallet was not possible with the posting or active password. I tried with the owner key and that is how I had access to the wallet, managing to transfer my available liquidity. However, I think it appropriate to leave a record of what happened.

Then I went back into the wallet to check the SP status but it is active.

I appreciate what happened in favor of the safety of the users is considered.


Hi @gabriale, the message should only appear in case you (or someone else) started a Powerdown process for your account. I've checked your recent account operations and I could not find anything related to a Powerdown.

Did you open the SteemWorld site directly via or did you use the 'Switch Account' button?

The values in the Balances tab also show that there is no active Powerdown happening in your account:

The entry into the wallet was not possible with the posting or active password.

This is not normal and transfers should always be possible with the active key. Did you use the Steemit wallet (


Hello @steemchiller I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your answer and vote.
Regarding your questions, I entered steemworld by clicking on the publication link of @ yohan2on. I entered the interface and once I was in the "view account" option, the previously mentioned warning appeared, which led me to reride the 19 SBD that I had accumulated as my brain test earnings. I entered the purse item and on a couple of occasions, it did not take me an active password or posts. It was then that I tried the owner key (suggested by the system in the box where the password is typed) and so I got access to the wallet to make the transfer to a kryptomoneda account. In any case, it seems my account is ok.
Greetings!! And thanks again.

Very useful! Thanks!

Hab dir eine Memo geschickt.


Moin, ich habe gerade nicht wirklich Zeit für solche Späße :) Was ich jetzt schon sagen kann, ist, dass ich die SteemWorld mit den kommenden Funktionen nicht mal eben für andere Chains laufen lassen kann/möchte.

Aktuell habe ich drei dedizierte Server allein für SW gebucht und zwei von denen sind recht kräftige Maschinen, was natürlich zusätzlich zu laufenden, monatlichen Kosten führt.

Meiner Meinung nach kann nichts Besseres/Erfolgreicheres als Steem entstehen, solange dieselben Kern-APIs verwendet werden. Man müsste ganz von vorne anfangen und mit dem jetzigen Wissen alle benötigten APIs sinnvoll voneinander trennen, Daten besser komprimiert speichern und 'Traffic-sparender' an die Clients zurückgeben.


Hab's schon vermutet. Danke!

It's great to see the developments continue coming to the SteemWorld and the Steem blockchain in general thanks to your great work!! Good vibes are feeling in here since a good time, it took a lot of strength but worth it!!

I want to thank you for all the great support in all these times and most important with the Knitrias Project. You may know but I wanted to tell you that the project close its cycle for now, many factors long to tell about them, but the important is the project achieved great things and much of its goals. Thanks to the people supporting us it becomes impulse for the Members' growth and new projects on the way! Surely with time things will organize better here on my side, and Knitrias will be active again with some initiative!!

The funds on the account are being distributed between the Members and the supporters, next week will be the last power down to distribute among supporters as you. It's not too much, but it's important to close the cycle and express my gratitude!!

Thanks for all the great experience, and here I'm looking forward for all what's to come here on Steem!!

All the best for your projects, qSteemChiller, and good wishes for you and yours!!


Thank you @leveuf. You worked very hard for your project and I hope that you will find the time and energy to continue it in future. In my opinion you should take the funds for yourself, because, as far as I know, you really have spent much time for the project and you should be rewarded for that. Please feel free to use my part for improving your life.

All the best to you and your family ;)


Thank you very much for the great encouragement!! I've learned a lot, and will never forget the great experience.

Time will come for new projects. The funds will be to powered up on @Knitrias, as some say: Invest in the future!! :)

A big hug and only the best winds!!

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Thank you @steemchiller for that hint. I can imagine how it is when you found yourself in such situation, many of users without IT background would probably even do not think about such things until it happens.

I am very grateful for you being behind the blockchain, you give a feeling of safety and we know that you are always in reach when someone needs help. Cheers...


Thank you @stef1. I knew that the day would come when I will build a solution for the reboot problem. As it also goes for the real life, in most cases it's better to handle foreseeable problems directly.

In this case I waited too long and therefore it hit me, but I'm glad that with my script it can't happen again from now on :)

Very excellent
welcome to my page


Where is the official github account of steem? Is this correct?

Thank you,


Yes, that's correct. As far as I know, the latest softfork (0.23.1) has not yet been added in there, but it can be found here:

Ever wanted to restart all servers in your game without losing a bunch of players? I’ve written a script that does this. It works by hooking into game:BindToClose() and teleporting all players into a reserved server, which basically serves as a lobby. When a server spawns up, if it’s a reserved server (and not a VIP server), it will automatically wait a few seconds and then teleport players back into the main place.

Note that if you don’t wait before teleporting everyone back into the main game, the game will tend to match-make each player into their own server, which is why I added some wait() statements in between teleporting each player.

I’ve only tested this on small games (300 players, 10 servers) but I am curious how well it works on larger games. Please make pull requests if you figure out any improvements.


It's been 21 hours and still can not get an answer of how and why this happened , or who to contact and how to contact them!!!! This is a problem!!!!!

This was posted on blurt and after seeing it I am wondering how it is possible and should we all be worried about our accounts.

Can Someone Please Help Me With This?
pinkfuzz in help • 2 hours ago (edited)
Ok so I don't know if there is other people having trouble on Steemit, But suddenly all my post, comments and replies are gone and it says I have not posted anything. When I have posted over 5400 post. Also not showing up on Steempeak.

As you can see below everything is posting to but not showing up on Steemit.

How is this even possible?
How do I get it fixed?
I am posting this here in hopes that someone can help me with this issue and to see if there are other people having this same problem. Since my post will not show up on Steemit I really have no other choice.


Hello @halo :)

This was posted on blurt and after seeing it I am wondering how it is possible and should we all be worried about our accounts.

What do you even want to tell me with this statement? You are currently communicating on Steem...

I don't know the exact reason for blacklisting just one of your accounts, but my magic ball says it's because you and your circle voters are milking multiple chains at the same time with senseless crap photo posts and the detectives didn't see the other ones yet.

I could easily build a bot that posts random photos every day, but Steem is here for human interactions and for making the world a better place. Does anybody really miss your posts other than your circle voters? No. As far as I can tell, there are no real souls involved.

Thank you for giving me a good laugh tonight... ^^

There's a big scam going around steemit. Do you know about it? We've gotta warn people not to fall for it.

biggest scam exposed.png

There is no airdrop. and instead the guy is just stealing people's passwords and then stealing their money right out of their wallets.
Look how much he has stolen!! Check out the list yourself. The list is endless and has got to be stopped. (And yes, I'm on the list)...sigh.

20201013_215920 stolen money.png

it goes from this account

20201013_215632 warrentto.png

to this account:

20201013_215654 stecm.png

There's going to be a lot of crying going on with lost funds on Steemit if we don't stop this. How can we expose this guy and his scam and put an end to it?

Hi @steemchiller, I am so happy to see you again here and even happier to see you have become a top witness

My best regards


What happened to the Delegation section on It's just empty....@steemchiller


It's not empty for me... Maybe network issues? Is it still empty?


No, it isn't empty anymore. Maybe it was the connection.


It's not empty for
Me... Maybe network issues?
Is it still empty?

                 - steemchiller

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