ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #37 - Centralized System vs. You

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #37

ADSactly - Centralized System vs. You

Did you ever think about why we are living in smaller and smaller families with every following century? Why is this happening? From clans of 100+ people, we are down to parents and children who hardly see each other on daily basis. Huge oceans of singles are made to believe that being single is a matter of choice. Why modern centralized systems bring along the destruction of the family? Why would they want to break a strongly connected group to minimum members possible?


The answer is very simple. What government would be able to fully control clans of 100+ people, bound by blood, living and working together? Isn't it much easier to control the smallest possible form of a family? Isn't it also much easier to take the kids away, put them to school and separate them from parents as much as possible? We believe that it is also much easier to make them believe in questionable values and implant points of view that were never their own, nor their parent's. It is also important to remove the grandparents from the equation as quickly as possible because old generations tend to remember the past. We know that without knowing the history, one has a problem understanding the present, and therefore is completely oblivious to what the future might bring.


Isn't it convenient to brainwash both parents to work non-stop for a living and strip them off their time? So they have least possible time for building a community, even a family? Oh, yes sir, it is very convenient. "Divide and conquer" is the old Latin saying, perfectly describing the situation. If people are separated into smallest groups, made to work double shifts for essential needs and the absolute influence on children's "education" (read brainwashing) is established, then governing an ocean of submissive slaves is quite easy.


The ones speaking of "freedom and bravery", "democratic principles" and "equality" are often the hypocritical oligarchs poisoned by power and greed who cannot allow others to function according to own principles because they would lose their top shelve placement. They are deliberately stopping the frontlines of human awakening, pushing away the dawn of the new world and pissing on basic human rights day after day. That's no wonder, the new world, governed by decentralized systems is the worst nightmare of the ruling elites, religious instances and imperialistic corporate establishment. What is important to realize is that their centralized organizations only exist because people are too brainwashed to dare to say 'NO!' to their rules.


...and don't forget that "pawn sacrifice" is a well known strategy for achieving "the greater good". In chess, of course! ;-)

Try walking out of the scheme and you'll notice that economics won't allow it. One salary was enough for the entire family not so long ago and today, with two salaries, a family is still struggling. If one is brave enough to call nucleus of three or four people - a family. This is where a group of people comes in the game. People organizing themselves in large communities and societies and helping each other are the ones who refuse pre-set rules and are the ones leading the way back to the natural ways of human existence.


We suggest: don't sell your crypto out of fear they're creating in your mind. It might be worth much more than any of us could ever imagine. It might be much more than just money. It might be the way to real independence for you and your family!


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good thinking man...

great Thinkings .. Keep it up

Interesting thoughts!

Postmodernism really connects to that way of thinking, and it might not look trivial at a first glance as postmodernism is about a total freedom to the individual and you might think it doesn't fit with the model of a family, but follow me people and we will analyze it:

Postmodernism claims that the individual have to be the maximum extent of freedom he desires , and allows a person to have his own direction in life. now - people do live in a family and even in a post-modernistic one, some principals are being kept - so the family members grow up in a certain way that has some principals and values - but they are also taught to have a free mind and to have critical thinking - when they are capable, they scrutinize the things they were taught and decide whether they want to hold to this principals out of their own free choice, quite often - they will decide to be a part of their family/group and keep at least some of the values they learned.

Now - this is an example related to the family structure, but it is applicable to larger structures, even to the structure of a society or a country - you do teach certain values, but there is a mega important value that is the basis of everything - having a freedom of mind and being critical.

as this point of view spreads and influences society - we can expect people to scrutinize the crypto world and ideas and see the wisdom we see in it - hopefully the critical view people will develop will allow them to see things without bias.

The thoughts that this post provokes are true. Society in the 'free' world has been trained through years of controlling our thoughts with messages that seem to promote a better future. We are still in 'clans' but they are designed to keep us oppressed. They separate us by classes. They separate us by races. They separate us by gender and religion and any number of ways to keep us at odds with each other. 'Free thinking' is a misnomer for most. Opinions are formed based on the barrage of information at the moment. The people in control know how to stay in control. That is why the innovative implications of the blockchain worries them. It has the potential to take power from them.
I believe in the power that cryptocurrency is instilling in people. It is the beginning of a new age in the history of man, just as the machine age was. Now the people in control have control of the machines. Which in turn gives them control of society. They can't control cryptocurrency, yet, and that scares the hell out of them. As I see it, that is why so many major companies are investing in blockchain technologies. They want to figure out how to use it to keep their position. We are, right now, at an advantageous point in our history where we have the upper hand because of that. It won't last if we don't 'rally the troops' so to speak and gain the support and voice to keep it that way.
Just my thoughts.

Great post!

I started playing chess when I was 7. I was at Grade I Level at that time. I just played it and no more. I knew the rules to play it, how to win, solve puzzles but no idea what it was compared to reality. Now, after reading this post, it made me think deeply and I remember one comment on Youtube that chess is a violent game. I don't know how to react on it. Maybe yes, because eating pieces on chess is like killing the opponent to win and protect the King at all times. Most 'pawn sacrifice' happens at the start and in the middle of the game. Knight, bishop or Queen sacrifice is possible very seldom during end games. In real life as if this would be the case but anything could happen. We just have to remember, the good always wins against the bad as what we're thought ever since. The question is, "How do we identify the good and the bad now a days?"


I don’t think the good always win !
Simply because we have been mis-taught and wrongly believed in the false imaginary wish that “life is fair” !
Actually it is not !
Just my opinion, and large scale notice ( not owning the truth though ) 😃


I miss something I guess.
In the end the good always win as what we're taught of.
Look at all the movies, stories, all the good wins. The bad are imprisoned or dead.
In real life, even if we win or loss, we have to choose to be good no mater what happen.


Yes! And a good thing for someone is bad for another person! Like you know defining the good and the bad is not always 100% clear !
The fish lives in salt water likes it and consider salty water as “Good” ... while the fish lives in sweet water has a different opinion about this salty environment ^^ 😉


Your fish example is not really a big deal or not that very bad.
For us humans, we know what's bad, small bad, little bad, big bad, really bad, bad of a problem. But it all depends on how we define or understand things and how we react on it according to reason base on our own conviction or disposition. Every person has his/her own capacity and ability that are different from each other. That is why as we all know, every person is unique.

It is beautifully written. I couldn’t agree more with our government brainwashing us. People started to open their eyes along with crypto creation. I love your quote saying “Isn't it convenient to brainwash both parents to work non-stop for a living and strip them off from their time?”
Decentralization is a revolution, we must belive in crypto, what else do we have and it’s amazing that it has just started.


Clan Steemit?? We are already have a banner and all


We live at a very very exciting time in history.
The revolution of decentralization is upon us. Cryptocurrencies and coin offerings, along with blockchain, are the enabling means for a new economy. They say it’s used for money laundering and criminal activity. But they don’t say it’s good for the people, that’s what they do, they are brainwashing us. Less than 20 years ago, most people would not have imagined that virtually all shopping would migrate online. But a real Internet 2.0 is finally here – a decentralized, peer-to-peer, one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one economy, without the need for a central organizing authority.


But they don’t say it’s good for the people, that’s what they do, they are brainwashing us.

They might not say, they might try to censor all the internet, but they can't censor Steemit!!
We are the present and the future, they are the past, and they will soon be forgotten

You guys really hit Steemit with the heavy stuff. A lot of things a minnow would never dream of saying.
The only thing i disagree with is your portrayal of "government as a sentient entity" trying to brainwash us. Its not the government brainwashing us, its the pop culture. Government is just extremely adaptive and acting in order to sustain itself and survive taking advantage of the external effects on the individual.
How does the populace act and how can we in power take advantage of that.
Imo, media and various mainstream ideologies are more to blame then the government.
As i said, the government is just acting opportunisticaly exploiting the circumstances as it always did. During the roman times, fascism, communism, capitalism, etc. Made no difference.

indeed it is convenient for any government that people be obedient parts of the overall mechanism. Society is the main component of this mechanism. Many people realize this, but do not do anything.
From the most conscious childhood, we are imposed a template on which we must live and to which we should strive. Go to school, go to college (or university), then find a job, start a family, buy a car on credit and build a house. This is the standard by which most of the world's population lives. Someone lives worse, some better - it depends on your state.
But what are the states? separate pieces of land. I respect the culture of other people and their traditions. But I do not always understand blind patriotism when people are told that other people are enemies. (an exception can be called terrorism in all its manifestations - this is evil). But most often in the war ordinary people die, not officials.
The brainwashing of the population is mainly through the media. But on TV you can hear that crypto-currencies are evil and a financial pyramid. This is not true. There are exceptions that can be easily checked.
A real crypto currency is a step into the future and you must keep it for a long time. In the future, it will make you independent.
Good article

Steemians and crypto believers :
Let’s clan again


Let’s 😉

My family the best gift from God

All for one and one for all

The pawns die! The Kings are applauded. Kingdoms and viziers gesture. And for them, pawns fillers and horses die.


Wow!!! I didn't see it this way, great to have another perspective of how the society is moving into because of hidden hands. Thanks for your view.

That is what makes decentralized platforms so great, and people seem to don't understand it yet...🤔


Some people understood that very early.. Others start to understand but don’t trust very well .. and the majority will not understand that until it would’ve very late

"We suggest: don't sell your crypto out of fear they're creating in your mind. It might be worth much more than any of us could ever imagine. It might be much more than just money. It might be the way to real independence for you and your family!"

This is the real nail on the head here ad, sometimes it really isn't about the money and its about the other M's, its the; Meaning & Message of which blockchain you are behind, you got the right wavelength my friend, you got a vote from me ;) big love from UK


we can't be fooled no more. All we need to realize is that the government and those in authority are scared thats why they are bringing these nonsensical rules, they are scared theyll be irrelevant soon.


Yep 👍🏼 let’s clan

Wow. You keep giving us what to read and refreshen our mind. Nice post.
I must appreciate you for your contribution towards making Steemit a better place for everyone especially the newbies


Yep ! Agreed 👍🏼 let’s clan ✊

I voted in a very nice. adsactly society economy decentralization crypto post post and commented and followed you and shared the post so that everyone can see this post and vote in this post

That's what exactly happening today. Thanks for sharing info about this. Hope that everybody will open their mind to escape that kind of scenario...

Decentralize is 100% the revolution of this generation.. and should be followed by the next generation too.. Great content.. Just upvoted and joined disord group..

People yearn for freedom, which is the right of no one to kill

This is a great post, and I definitely agree that this is a thing going on today.

I lost some cash out of fear on binance and coinchange and now they are doing well. I just feel like flogging myself


This is a great lesson to you, Steem will definitely bounce back to his bullish direction, common! let hope better days ahead.

When your not 100% sure who’s on the other end.

@adsactly I could kiss you

Yes also a big fan. Usefull infomation.

The information is interesting, steady. Please for my follow up, thanks

restemeed and upvote..

This is a cynical perspective on family life and the government, you can apply this level of cynicism to any facet of human lives and discover an underlying plot to pull humans apart. Nonetheless it does raise some interesting topics, how do you suggest that families promote togetherness in the world that we live in today?

Do you feel crypto is a good way to start to become NOT a pawn in this wild messed up system we have gotten ourselves into?

Hi good morning I love you @adsactly. I am from Indonesia 🇲🇨 Follow @yasir123

It's so intelegent

I was incredibly fortunate to grow up in one of those huge family units. My mother was one of 8, her mother was one of 7. I knew my great grandparents, and great aunts and uncles.

For the record, the family still meets every other year. Last year there were around 50 there.

I'm old. I am fortunate to be here for the front part of the revolution, and will move on secure in the knowledge that it will happen. It's a fine time to be alive!

Thanks for another well thought and written post.

You are right. Our modern system isn't helping the wellbeing of the family, which inturn affects the community.

Meanwhile, thanks for the advice for us to keep our cryptos. It's sometimes scaring though.

Good morning @adsactly,
Hehe😀😀, I couldn't agree more on the pawn sacrifice being a chess player, I do really get the hang of the message.

The centralized government is trying to create panic by trying to wipe away the values of cryptocurrencies, but my advice hers will be to HODL.

The government is scared we won't be under their shackles anymore and they are trying their best to force us to leave the cryptocurrencies and go back to Fiat currencies. But I wouldn't advise we panic sell, just like you've said, keep the crypto, these are real trying periods we should know and just like in the action games context, we should know we're headed to the right direction since we are being faced with such challenges.
We shall triumph over, if we faint not.

A typical example of how we are trying to decentralize the offline in our community is through the Steem Accelerator Hub (@stach) and it's our believe we will with the Steem Blockchain.

Thank you for your great communal efforts and bolstering of unity. Keep the good work going.

While I agree with the overall concept of this post. I'm not sure if it is the ONLY reason that family groups have changed as they have. I think it's a more complex thing. That being said, who knows, this could be the biggest factor.


Indeed it's more pleasure,joy,and relaxing in growing up in a big family.i grew up in one too,here I am sharing my experience in raised up in a conventional family.
● We get more loved in a big family that eventually helps in building affection towards the relationship.
● We get to learn values like honesty,sacrifice,ambitious etc with ease and that work as moral booster for life.
●We tend to have more friends that also helps in building our communication skills and vocabulary.
●Every event happening in the family is like huge celebration,either it's happiness or sorrow in both situations we manage to learn to control our there is a saying
" sharing happiness doubles the joy,sharing the sorrow divides it"
●Your efficiency increases as you learn to work faster in conventional family.
●whovxan forget the "Holiday" specially summer one where you got to play more,have a taste of good food and family dinners into the lawns can't ever forget it.
●Children grew up in conventional family are more exploring,they possess an amazing inventing mind.usually children's have a curious mind while growing up eventually that helps them in inventing something remarkable in future.
Thats all,
But I disagree with the religious part I personally don't think religion will ever become a barrier in my success.its something that comes from inside,it's eternal,we can achieve whatever we want in life keeping our religious belief intact.

Thanks for sharing this info. Very helpful!

  ·  2년 전

I appreciate your approach

wow wellcome friend for your great post
i very love your news, it is a really story.

Just joined the discord chat now! Guys you should do same, just click on the coin. Thanks @adsactly for this.

If you ask me, i would answer you: i prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
descărcare (1).jpg


Thank @adsactly very interesting I hope you can continue to share useful information like this.


You just hit the nail on the head....political cabals now use divide-and-rule style. Indeed, family values are eroding quickly. Thanks for the reminding us of the need for community living.

The best

We live in a family dispersion. This situation will take us to an unknown path. In fact, if we forget our past, we will not be able to build our present.

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit..

It might be the way to real independence for me and my family!

Woow amazing beautiful l like

Nice Gass poll!!!

Well written. But what you forget to add is what happened when the pawn reaches the other end. it changed into any other piece of it desire.
No matter what we believe in, or how independent we are. we all want to reach the end of the board to become what we desire.
I called myself Freeman, cause i wanted to be free of the constraint of society and the responsibilities that was put on shoulder. The more i wanted to be free, the more I'm trapped in this vicious cycle. we are all pawn in life, no matter how much we wish it wasn't so... sorry fellow steemian, sad but true..

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useful information, am a big fan

We will be full if we share. We will vanish if we are separated!

nice post! I voted (^^)

please help me to follow

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Amozing post

Our goods are up, we're down. We stay in bigger houses, we live in smaller families. Our comfort has increased, our time has narrowed. We have plenty of diplomas, less common sense. Expertise has increased, difficulties have increased. Medications are such as hot cake but diseases increased. We're wasting money irresponsibly, laughing less. We're very fast in traffic, we flare up in anger immediately. Late in the evening, we wake up tired in the morning. We read fewer books, we watch too much television. We talk a lot, we hear a little heart and we lie too much. We increased our wealth, we lost our values. We've added years to life, we couldn't make it to the years. We've reached space, but we can't go deeper into the soul. We tore the atom apart we couldn't demolish our prejudice wall. We learned to hurry, but never be patient. Acquaintances have multiplied, friends are missing. Efforts have increased happiness is reduced

Great read, thank you.

great and good thinking man...!!!

Many thanks

Conclusion, "Union Makes the Force"!
Which means that if you have a big group with you, especially one familie tied by blood there is nothing you can´t do or fight against. This scares the governments and as you said, in the last century`s we are watching the families getting smaller and smaller in numbers.

You are correct on not selling crypto at lower rates... but what if that is the only means survival for the moment

I'm not so sure it is a deliberate scheme by centralised governments to separate people. It may also simply be a side-effect of the increased potential for independence through the evolution of society, where once we depended on a closely knit family/community, now the needs of survival can be obtained through strangers.

every family whether a small family or big family of course there are rules and customs that must be obeyed, if all the system is running well it will form a harmonious family and respect each other

very nice onfo bro.

Now you got me thinking... makes so much sense. Thank you
(By the way I am still very new here and only half way up the Learning Curve. I need to learn what a 'society' is within the Steemit community. )

Wow its awwwwwwwssòoooooooommmmeeeeeee game
Wat ha graphics
And character looking superb
Definitely m going to download this game
Thnk you sir

So true! This just opened my mind that we used to live simply. I remember that we used to need less, when I was a kid. The only form of entertainment those times are television and Nintendo. But now, times have changed we need more and more of tangible things we do not really need but society has put standards on. Truly the government, the society and perhaps the technology is stealing us the time we have for our family.
Take for example in a usual family, each person, even a child needs to have his own gadgets. In the morning when we wake up before we even see our kids, husbands and wives, we reach out to our smart phones. Times have really changed, sometimes we don't know how to feel about it- happy or sad.
One thing that this technology made good about is these crypto currency. The banks have not been a good venue to invest anymore as they are the ones profiting from our investments and left us with no choice. And yet, this market crash is their way of stealing again from us the hope that we can be financially free years from now and make a better home for our family, by having passive income. That way we do not get to work our ass out day in and out just to provide better and comfortable life for our family. This is worth sharing!

we can't be fooled no more. All we need to realize is that the government and those in authority are scared thats why they are bringing these nonsensical rules, they are scared theyll be irrelevant soon.

good thinking man

well said... thanks for sharing

Awesome write-up, thanks

Awesome post..

good written ... god bless you

When prices are dropping for me this is a sign to buy crypto. I think that you are absolutely right about family and the way it is being pulled apart. I experienced it myself recently once I became a father. So hard to live on one salary and I am forced to be away from my family all the time.