Facts about Bulgaria most foreigners don't know

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Hey guys. I decided to start series about not so popular facts about the countries that most foreigners do not know. Why? Because it will be interesting and helpful. Well, atleast for me :D . And, because I am from Bulgaria, it will be the first country included. Tell me which country you want to be next one. Also share some interesting facts about Bulgaria that you do know and are not listed here.

Here we go:

Bulgaria has never changed its name.

Unlike other countries, in Bulgaria people shake their heads for "Yes" and nod for "No".

The popular Bulgarian rose oil is used to make some of the most famous and expensive perfumes. One gram of rose oil is produced from 1,000 rose petals.


The gold treasure found in the Varna necropolis is the oldest in the world dating back to 5000 BC. It is also considered the oldest technologically processed gold in Europe.


Bulgaria is the third country in Europe with the most valuable archaeological finds on its territory. Greece and Italy are the first two.

The Bulgarians first began writing in the Cyrillic alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet is used both by Slavic and non-Slavic peoples. With Bulgaria's accession to the European Union, it becomes the third official alphabet of the EU after the Greek and Latin ones.

The Bulgarian army has never lost a flag in battle.

The first computer was created by a Bulgarian.

The first digital wristwatch was also created by a Bulgarian.

In 716, Bulgaria saves Europe from Islamization. Under the leadership of Han Tervel, Bulgarians stop the Arab invasion at the doors of Constantinople, helping the Byzantine Empire to deal with the danger. In a vital battle in 718, the Bulgarian cavalry defeated over 60,000 Arab army and saved Europe from the threat. Since then, many chronicles have been called Tervel - "The Savior of Europe".

Share your opinions.
Yours faithfully, Sveto.

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