How to save most money as possible while travelling?

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I am sure that many of you adore travelling, don’t you? So do I. My travelling experience is not much at all but I can share some tips how to reduce the money spent on it. Wouldn’t you like to move from Point A to Point B (Let’s say 2000 km distance) and stay in Point B for 5 days. And it all costs you 100 EUR or even less? Who wouldn’t?

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I. Hitchhiking

That will reduce the money spent on travelling to ZERO. Of course it has its disadvantages like if you travel 2000 km that way it can take few days to go to the desired location. On the other hand, you can meet new people, view more closely everything around you and maybe even find a friend.

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II. Low-cost companies

Fine. You don’t want to lose few days on travelling. Then it’s a good idea to find a low-cost company and take a plane to your desired destination. These days travelling by plane costs way less than car/bus and it’s faster. Right now companies offer flights for 5 EUR for 2500 km. I personally use for searching flights. It has the best user interface in my opinion. And remember, buy tickets few months early and never from an intermediary company. Said that, if you find a cheap ticket from X to Y on and the company that offers the ticket is Lufthansa, go to Lufthansa’s website and buy it from there. Most likely the ticket will become even more cheaper.

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Hopefully we’ve reached our destination. But we have to pay to sleep somewhere, haven’t we? Well, not necessary. I’ve found this platform few months ago and using it you can go anywhere without paying a cent. It allows you to stay for few days in a host somewhere around the world. Most of the hosts will ask for some help with the dishes, cleaning or similar. No money involved. And of course, there is a high chance to show you the city, the attractions, the beautiful places. It’s way better somewhere who lives there to walk you around than going by yourself.

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Currently I am living in Varna, Bulgaria and I decide to travel by plane to Milan, Italy. According to, the cheapest flight these days is:
milan.png The price on WizzAir's website is 45 euros.

And a place to stay:

So, 45 EUR total for travelling+sleeping. Imagine how much it would be if you bought your tickets 3 months ago.

Travel while you are young, while you are free, while you still can.

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I like to travel, the more economic the better, although the idea of hitchhiking I do not like much, it can be risky.


Everything has its disadvantages.

I have hosted people with couchsurfing. It's a fun community but I was not a full time traveler. These days I am considering to be a part of it again since I am back on the road.

I think hitchhiking only works within EU or US because it's such a foreign idea around Asia. There are some travelers who does that but for safety reasons, I don't really recommend people do that. Basically everything is somewhat affordable so taking public vehicle is fine.

Thanks for sharing,I love traveling and this sounda like a good way to travel more.


I hope it was a useful information :P


Yes it was,I'm using wizzair for some time now but never tried couchsurfing :p
My friend went to Amsterdam like that and I'm thinking of doing the same thing :D