The Situation in Varna, Bulgaria

3년 전


Snow, snow, snow.
That's what we've got in the last 2 days in the city of Varna, Bulgaria.
And guess what? A disaster.

Even though Varna is the 3rd biggest city (I am sure it's the 2nd but the statistic says 3rd) in Bulgaria, it seems hard for the municipality to handle some snow.

I've got some photos today when I was going to the university.
Check them out and be surprised:

And here you can see the entrance of the university yard. Beautiful, no?

Hardly but not impossible, I've got to the yard of the university. And, suprise. More snow, more ice, more people falling on the ground because nothing is cleaned.


There I am, almost in the building. One last obstacle: the icy stairs:

And we're a country part of the European union. The photos say everything...

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Oh my God, that is serious. This is a total opposite of Ugandan weather. Most of the areas in Uganda now are dry,


I'd take summer over winter. Always.

Yes, we are also in mid summer here! Complete opposite of you. I don’t envy you though 😢


When its summer here (40+ degrees) we want winter. When it's winter (sometimes -(35+) degrees) - summer is our desire :(