People, the most important asset of organizations

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A person is an individual that possesses intellectual, physical, and moral capacities, these capacities are of vital importance since due to them, one individual is usually differentiated from another and allows to evaluate their capabilities and their contributions to society.

Society brings different classifications to people, and it should be noted that the most recognized or most common classifications are natural persons and legal entities (legal persons) both play a very important role in today's society and contribute to its development, because legal entities have duties and obligations with the law and the natural person is one that obtains a legal extension in society, however, they are not the only classifications, because they are also categorized as introverted and extroverted, in free and slaves, in rich and poor, in black and white

People are also classified by their race, by their religion, by their region of origin and that is what fractures society, because it generates a great division among the individuals that make it up, this happens because some believe that they can be above the social and moral level of others. Currently the social status is somewhat unsustainable in this society due to the lack of equality in salary, due to the differences in personal treatment, the high rate of personal expenses among other aspects that can damage your economic stability. This is accompanied by the fact that people have become accustomed to humiliate others simply because they have a different social position, or a higher salary or simply because of the misinterpretation of the social education they have received.

The definition of person can be said to depend on the criteria of each individual, because if we asked a Christian the definition of a person, he will give you a very different one from what a lawyer or a psychologist will give you. For this reason, the criteria of each individual are of vital importance for the definition of each social aspect in order to promote development in society.

An organized person is not one who arranges his bed after getting up, or who orders his clothes by color, no, the organized person is the one who knows how to live in society, learns from his mistakes, and is the one who can live free but still He controls every aspect of his life, whether it be economically, socially, or morally.

The administration shows a bit more clearly what an organized individual is since from the administrative point of view the definition of person is different, since it considers that a person is able to achieve control of both personnel and resources within of an organization. Organizations give value to people according to their level of study or work experience, gaining interest in their employees with desire to excel to new positions and new social levels.

The people that make up an organization are considered very important because they give their time to achieve the goals set by that company. An organization is like a gear but of people, when all together flow harmoniously within said organization, it is possible to understand that it is working correctly. Of course, this influences the personal psychological aspects of each individual, to understand that the custom of individualism is not efficient work, even when working together often generate frictions and conflicts that affect the organization.

When an organization is affected, it will always make a decision, which most likely manages to annoy the employees, but nevertheless is the best for it. For the simple fact of living in society we must understand that we must not mold ourselves to others but that we must learn to develop freely without obstructing the personal freedom of others

A well-founded organization is one in which they have a very good communication, transmitting the problems to all the people that make up the organization, from the boss to the goalkeeper, considering the control of all the human and material resources that the organization manages.

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Your last lines are really the key - great values, well communicated are the pillar of all good organisations. I'm thinking anyone who wants to know about organisation simply has to watch BEES and DUCKS and ANTS and NATURE more - so much for us to learn there!

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