Alternate Future of Four Worlds: Episode 5 - Portal and Space Explorations

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#RPCJAFOW #IndonesianMapping


United States of America encounter Falena Queendom. Lymsleia Falenas ask United States of America how Earth look like and speak about Sindar. Then, Indonesia, Poland, and New Zealand arrived on Suiko World. But, in Setropis Trovidia Community decided to expand themselves into another star system named Beta Teratai. While USA expanded into Suiko World, Russia and China expanded into Soctrikoa.

[Bahasa Indonesia]

United States of America (Amerika Serikat) bertemu dengan Falena Queendom (Keratuan Falena). Lymsleia Falenas bertanya kepada United States of America bagaimana gambaran dunia Bumi dan berbicara tentang Sindar. Kemudian Indonesia, Poland, dan New Zealand sampai di Suiko World. Namun di Setropis, Bella Putri Miftahul Nurjannah (wanita di Trovidia Community) memutuskan untuk menyebar ke tata surya lain untuk dikolonisasi. Di sisi lain, ketika Amerika Serikat dan teman-temannya memperluas hingga ke dunia Suikoden World, Russia dan China telah memperluas dirinya hingga ke dunia Soctrikoa.

NOTE : I do not own any content related to Suikoden series. Suikoden belongs to Konami. Also, this video doesn't meant to be realistic nor political. This video is made for entertainment purposes only and as like fanfic but served as mapping form. Please don't feel offended by this video.

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