Life of Swamboja: Episode 2 - Aggressive Bacteria (Alternate World)

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More trouble on Swamboja life in Microorganisms enviroments. Many aggressive bacterias will born and all of microorganisms evolve more and more. The aggressive one have the agent called 'Toxin' that can cause damage to another microorganisms membrane. But, will they thrive? Watch more. This mapping video is intended to be Creative Commons license.

This is sort of Stage : Microbe Stage - Multicellular Stage - Aware Stage - Awakening Stage - Society Stage - Industrial Stage - Space Stage as like as Thrive game does.

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Masalah semakin bertambah banyak di kehidupan Swamboja di lingkungan mikroorganisme. Banyak bakteri yang agresif bermunculan dan semua mikroorganisme berevolusi lebih banyak dan lebih kuat. Yang agresif memiliki agen yang bernama 'Toxin' yang dapat menyebabkan kerusakan pada membran mikroorganisme lain. Akan tetapi, akankah mereka bertahan? Lihat videonya. Video mapping ini disengajakan berada di lisensi Creative Commons.

Inilah urutan tahap pada mapping ini : Microbe Stage - Multicellular Stage - Aware Stage - Awakening Stage - Society Stage - Industrial Stage - Space Stage seperti tahap-tahap pada game Thrive.

NOTE : This video doesn't meant to be realistic nor political. Also, Microbe/Multicellular species dialog speaks are just for entertain audience. This video is made for entertainment purposes only. Please don't feel offended by this video.

Content Credits :

Thrive Stage Development (Civilization Stage phase) is here :

You can found what is for specific stage phase here :

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Also, I use Thrive content for the background of Microbes and many things of my mapping. You can find a background materials by Download Thrive (Thrive is a Open Source Spore-like Game) :

For story of Life of Swamboja, see on GitHub here and feel free to correct my story here :

Song Credits :

1. Oliver Lugg - Silence Underwater (microbe-theme-1.ogg) (Thrive Microbe Theme v2 ( (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Intro Song : Mattias Westlund - Legends of The North (Battle for Wesnoth OST) (Copyright Free)

Outro Song : Oliver Lugg - Vireo (Extended Main Theme) (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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