Life of Swamboja: Trailer (Alternate World)

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This is the trailer of my Alternate World series. The story is when new life on the Alien Planet named Swamboja born. While another Alternate World Mapping almost starts from Society Stages, Life of Swamboja starts from simple organism Microbe Stage into cosmic dominance Space Stage. Actually Microorganism can't speak like any sentient species. But, to entertain any who watch this, dialog is still I included even from Microbe Stage. This mapping video is intended to be Creative Commons license.

This is sort of Stage : Microbe Stage - Multicellular Stage - Aware Stage - Awakening Stage - Society Stage - Industrial Stage - Space Stage as like as Thrive game does.

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Ini merupakan trailer dari Alternate World Series saya. Series ini menceritakan sebuah kehidupan di planet alien yang bernama Swamboja. Ketika Alternate World buatan mapper lain selalu dimulai di tahap Society Stages, series ini akan dimulai pada tahap Microbe Stage hingga dominasi kosmik atau Space Stage. Sebenarnya mana ada mikroba yang bisa berbicara seperti manusia, hanya saja saya menambah sebuah dialog pembicaraan supaya orang yang menonton terhibur walaupun dari Microbe Stage sekalipun. Video mapping ini disengajakan berada di lisensi Creative Commons.

Inilah urutan tahap pada mapping ini : Microbe Stage - Multicellular Stage - Aware Stage - Awakening Stage - Society Stage - Industrial Stage - Space Stage seperti tahap-tahap pada game Thrive.

NOTE : This video doesn't meant to be realistic nor political. Also, Microbe/Multicellular species dialog speaks are just for entertain you. This video is made for entertainment purposes only. Please don't feel offended by this video.

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Also, I use Thrive content for the background of Microbes and many things of my mapping. You can find a background materials by Download Thrive (Thrive is a Open Source Spore-like Game) :

Song Credits :

Intro Song : Vega Strike - News 1

Outro Song : Thrive - 'Vireo' - Thrive Main Theme v8 (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported) (By Oliver Lugg a.k.a Oliveriver)

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