ADSactly Records STEEMIT Exclusive Single "Dedicated to the Blockchain" by @davidfar [World Music]

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ADSactly Records Release
STEEMIT Exclusive

ADSactly Records is proud to welcome our newest artist @davidfar

Track Title: Dedicated to the Blockchain
Album: Unknown
Produced By: @davidfar
Written By @davidfar

English Translation:

"Don't be upset
your sorrow is pointless
just walk and move on
don't look back

Don't be upset
your sorrow is pointless
just walk and move on
don't look back

I have sympathy with you
Although I left the world
but I stay with you
even in the war
I will be your trench
and covering around you
till I saw your victory"

Farsi Translation

اندوه گین نشو
اندوه تو بیهوده است
فقط راه برو
به عقب نگاه نکن
من با تو هم دردم
با اینکه دل کندم
از همه ی دنیا
ولی با تو میمونم
حتی توی جنگم
من مثل یک سنگر
اطرافتو میگیرم
تا پیروزیتو ببینم

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Beautiful melodic track, uplifting lyrics, and inspiring message. Nice singing @davidfar, welcome to ADSactly Records.


Thank you so much brother , I am glad that you enjoyed of my song , thanks for your kindness . :)


You're very welcome, I really enjoyed your song, it was very high quality and deep with feeling.


Really thank you my friend , I enjoyed listening to your musics and your singing too . like your style. you are great.


Many many thanks, glad I can provide to you some good music to listen to. More songs are arriving soon, I look forward to hearing more of your original music as well

Your voice really touches my soul in this song! I might listen do it all day and night now!

really great work!


I am really thankful to hear your great words , and it gave me more energy to do more songs , really thanks <3

@davidfar did I not tell you to be patient and that success would follow? That's awesome. @SirLunchTheHost thanks for putting him on. ADSactly is going to chabge the game.


Thank you so much for your kindness

I am musician myself and I am wondering where can I submit a demo ? Keep up ;)


Thank you

We have everything we need here at steemit, from social media to music industy. This is it, steemit starting to unleash all its potential to become great. I am so proud to be a part of it.


Many Thanks

Nice vibe! Thanks for the English translation as well :)


Thank you so much

The lyrics speak a truth I'm not ready to accept just yet. I recently lost a friend and every time I walk away a song, a friend, or a simple moment reminds me of my friend. Maybe one day I can say I'm not upset. My sorrow will be pointless because my friend isn't coming back despite my tears.

I'll learn to walk away from the thoughts of what ifs and regrets. We will learn to move on and not look back on life that ended, but a life that lived.


Thank you so much , and I am really glad that you could connect with the music and lyrics , I'm sorry for losing your friend , and I wish you a great future !

Nice post. Thank you for shearing

Very nice and good post, thanks for sharing. @naz722

Nice manipulation of sound waves!


it's your kindness , Thanks for support.

Beautiful song @davidfar. You have really sung with feeling. Amazing lyrics and farsi is so good to hear, It is so soft to the ears. Very good production too. Great job. Keep the music alive.


Thank you so much brother , it's a pleasure to hear your idea about my music.