Time For Growth and Peace


It's summer and I'm so happy to see it.

It's a great time to still be on Steem as we normalize casual posting and regrouping.

I do not condone what happened with removing people's stake, but it sure is nice and quiet around here without all the trolls.

The worst that can happen is that everyone uses their own stake.

Adsup is still here and curating...

Who are your current favorite authors?

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I have seen some freakish things on steemit in the last 4 years, last week rates very high but i can see both sides of the story
no more swinging meat in the comments section :)

As for newbies i have found lately, here is a couple worth a look :)



I'll never going to forget that swinging monster!! XDXDXD
Best wishes for the summer, @Kiwiscanfly!!

I'm also happy to see things calming. We may not agree with how things had to be resolved, but we can at least agree that the results are nice. I know, the ends justify the means is not the best approach to life, but these are the cards that Steemians were dealt, and we've played a good hand, as we are still here and growing!

I am enjoying posting on Steemit these days. All the toxic flaggers moved to Hive. Very Toxic. Even though I only make a few pennies on most of my posts .. Steemit is a very calm and happy place.

@adsup, It feels great when people spread peace and collaborative essence instead of controversies and words of chaos. Your Curation efforts are appreciable aspect. Stay blessed team.

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Hi @adsup checkout our daily showcase and see if any of the authors on there that you would love to sprinkle your upvote too. Or better join our curation trail 😉 Thanks for the good vibes you spreading on steem too 🥰

Great News!! And yes, joy on the posts and comments begins to flourish with smells of summer!!

You can check the work by the Members of the Knitrias Project, resteems of their posts are on the @Knitrias account!

Good vibes and best wishes for every project, @Adsup!!

Agree, it's about time that we focus on the growth of Steem Network. Maybe some of you could make suggestions in the comments?

Anyway, the authors that I'm following closely is @steemitblog (for updates & contests) & @glory7 for an objective perspective of current events in the network.

Let me mention @justyy for new tools & state of the network, @steemchiller for an update on Steemworld & state of the network.

For these coming days, I will be following @steemingcurator's efforts as well.

Hello @adsup
Thank you for that beautiful photo.
I needed something like that. Here in Venezuela the rains began and today the day is very dark. Then I get lost in your photo. Always welcome and I will look for my favorite authors to leave them.
I think you do the best job in the world today. Help and strengthen others, help lift everyone who is fallen.