SkyDive - gliding flight - Part 2/2

4년 전

A few days ago I posted the first part of my parachute adventure. If you haven't seen it or want to view it again, you can watch it HERE.

The jump started at a height of 3000m - in total we were about 5min. in the air of which 1min was the free fall.

The shock, after the flight instructor pulled the umbrella was briefly violent - I think "Rebounce" is the right word, because I had the feeling to shoot directly 10m up again - which of course was not the case. Maybe you know the feeling in your tummy when an elevator accelerates quickly? Exactly, that's what I mean :)

If you look at the video right now you can get the impression that I had a lot of fun. I am sure that the instructor had this in any case, because he gave me the control (as a single participant on this day) over the control leash.

After just 4 minutes gliding with a wonderful view and a loop through a cloud, we came to the landing, which was amazingly very gentle. All I had to do was take the legs up.

I'd be happy to see a comment of you whether you'd like to jump, too - or whether you have any exxperience. Also, I'd be happy about a resteem or upvote ;)


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