There are 58 Counties in world where no Visa Required

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If you love travelling and face visa issue then there 58 countries in world where no Visa Required or on arrival.
so enjoy your holiday in thes countries.


S.No. Country Type

1 Bahrain eVisa

2 Bhutan No Visa

3 Bolivia Visa on Arrival

4 Cambodia Visa on Arrival

5 Cape Verde Visa on Arrival

6 Comoros Visa on Arrival

7 Cote d’Ivoire eVisa

8 Djibouti Visa on Arrival


9 Dominica No Visa

10 Ecuador No Visa

11 El Salvador No Visa

12 Ethiopia Visa on Arrival

13 Fiji No Visa

14 Gabon eVisa

15 Georgia eVisa

16 Grenada No Visa

17 Guinea-Bissau Visa on Arrival

18 Guyana Visa on Arrival

19 Haiti No Visa

20 Indonesia Visa on Arrival


21 Jamaica No Visa

22 Jordan Visa on Arrival

23 Kenya eVisa

24 Laos Visa on Arrival

25 Madagascar Visa on Arrival

26 Maldives Visa on Arrival

27 Mauritania Visa on Arrival

28 Mauritius No Visa

29 Micronesia No Visa

30 Moldova eVisa


31 Myanmar eVisa

32 Nepal No Visa

33 Palau Visa on Arrival

34 Rwanda eVisa

35 Saint Kitts

       and Nevis                  No Visa

36 Saint Lucia Visa on Arrival

37 Saint Vincent
and the Grenadine No Visa

38 Samoa Permit on Arrival

39 São Tomé
and Príncipe eVisa

40 Senegal Visa on Arrival


41 Seychelles Visa on Arrival

42 Somalia Visa on Arrival

43 Sri Lanka No Visa but special permit required

44 Tanzania Visa on Arrival

45 Thailand Visa on Arrival

46 Togo Visa on Arrival

47 Timor-Leste Visa on Arrival

48 Trinidad and
Tobago No Visa

49 Tuvalu Visa on Arrival

50 Uganda Visa on Arrival

51 Vanuatu No Visa

52 Zambia eVisa

53 Zimbabwe eVisa

54 Antartica Visa on Arrival

55 FYRO Macedonia No Visa

56 Svalbard No Visa

57 Montserrat No Visa

58 Turks & Caicos
Islands No Visa

I hope guys The above list help you to plan your holiday and if you have any question kindly comment below

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Great Information....
I have heard somewhere that australia will also give e-visa to indian tourists

wow thanks for telling your story

Thank you for your most informative post!

Lots of beautiful locations on your no visa list!

Thanks @alokkamboj for such good information,it will really help travlers to plan their holiday