One of the things not on my bucket list, jumping our of an airplane(parachuting)!

3년 전

Yikes. That scares me half to death just thinking about it. I would do something I enjoy like going to every major league baseball park in the country, that would be fun and entertaining! I know others have already done this, I'm not trying to get in the Guinness book of world records, just find something I really like doing and doing it to the extreme. Why not? Maybe boating around to several continents across the ocean( I would have to find an experienced nautical traveler to do this), that would be fun, too, for me. You will not find me hiking the Appalachian Trail, ugggggg... way too much work. Maybe criss-crossing the country on Amtrak(train) and just sight seeing the country would be a great way to spend the last six months of my life if I had a choice, sipping on a nice cold ice tea and having a pleasant lunch while the train goes steaming down the tracks. Taking a mid-afternoon nap. That is more my style.

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