Bird Photography #3

3년 전

This weekend with my new camera and gear I went out to take more bird photos, The weather was fine and the rain had given new life to all the plants that are still alive in the winter. Once the sun rose I got my jacket on and looked for birds. When I walked outside I was surprised to see and hear the variety of different birds. I saw juncos, cardinals, robins, woodpeckers, and all sorts of other birds.

DSC_0306-2.jpg Cardinal (Cardinalidae): I don't usually see Cardinals when I'm taking pictures and to get such a beautiful picture of a bird I rarely see made me really happy. The contrast between the bird and the background was crazy and I had to sneak up behind a bush to catch this bright bird sitting on a branch with a dark and bland background.

DSC_0321-2.jpg Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens): These birds are a common sight at this spot and lets me get as close as I want to take a picture of him (that's why I call her the model of the forest).

DSC_0229-2.jpg American Robin (Turdus migratorius):When I found him, he was feeding on a berry bush and the almost gold light on it made it look beautiful.

DSC_0235-2.jpg Northern Mocking bird (Mimus polyglottos): He is another year round resident and always comes over to feed on the berries that grow in the surrounding area. He is not shy and will come pretty close if you're near his food.

DSC_0179-2.jpg Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris): A whole flock of them came and took priority of the berry bush and scared off all the other birds. When the sun hit them at just the right angle these iridescent little fellows would glow bright green and purple.

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Beautiful photos. The variety of birds is amazing

The cardinal is so beautiful!

oh! Awesome!
Cardinal is bright and juicy spot in the middle of the forest monochrome!
Downy woodpecker so cute lil guy! Oh, wait! It seems, is a girl :)
American Robin looks like a pie :) You did very well to capture it on a bush with berries! I love photos of birds with berries!

Thank you for the post! It was very interesting! Please continue!


It is a female Downy Woodpecker. A male would have a red area on the top of the head. Good birding and photography.

Looks like you got accustomed to that new camera right away. Love the descriptions and the Scientific Classifications to go along with these great shots. I am very impressed ! These birds seem to pose for you.


I did! Thanks

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