Salty Dog | Entry to @Axeman’s Seascape Contest

3년 전

The picture of happiness - a salty pup smiling by the Puget Sound. In this snap, Cash and co. are perched on a series of cliffs on Orcas Island in the San Juan’s.

This has become one of my favorite photos, and I thought it would be fun to toss it into the mix of @axeman’s Landscape/Seascape Contest - which ends today. (It's a recurring contest, so head on over to @axeman’s page for more announcements.)


There’s nothing finer than the smell of salt water, would you agree?

Getting out to these islands is a bit of a trek - about 5 hours from Seattle including traffic. That being said, it’s always worth it. Time moves slower on-island and it’s always an amazing opportunity to unwind and disconnect. The San Juan’s are literally the jewels of the Pacific Northwest and I’m always delighted when I get to spend time in this amazing archipelago of over 170 islands!

May all your adventures be accompanied by a smile as big as this one. Who’s your favorite travel companion?

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All photos from my iPhone

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that is one very happy dog, great shot @lilyraabe, it certainly looks like a beautiful place from the photo and my favourite travelling companion is my kids, cos they love to travel and their excitement is so contagious xx


I love the way kids see the world - everything with fresh eyes. That sounds lovely! Thanks for stopping by and supporting. :)

Beautiful! I couldn't see myself living somewhere without access to the water.


Me either, coastal or bust. All the way. :)

A look of gratitude and love for an outing, scenery is stupendous what more to ask for but a beautiful click to keep the memory @lilyraabe

Good luck in #landscapephotography visiting from #steemitbloggers


Thanks so much for the support - I appreciate it. <3

I love the smell of salt water! Plus that is an adorable doggy! 😍

I'm planning a trip to check out the San Juan islands next year to check out the Orcas!

Very cool post - have a nice weekend!


Oh you’re going to love it, it’s one of the most magical places on earth! Thanks for stopping by!

HAHA He looks so happy!


Oh yes, he really was. :)

Very Lively picture!


Thanks for supporting! :)