Global School/SteemFest3 - Krakow 2018 (Part I)


After a trip of 8h, last evening at around 17h30 I received a first message from the @globalschool team composed by @mammasitta, @manncpt, @gexi and @yinandmann joined by @lizanomadsoul. They were just arriving in Krakow in Poland.

On The Road To SteemFest

Here some pictures I receieved from @mammasitta of their arrival in the beautiful city of Krakow.

Krakow by night is very romantic.

"Great first welcoming night and eve chatting away for hours :)" @mammasitta

Global School presentaion

This morning at around 11h20 up to 11h40 the team get the occasion to present the Global School at the Balcony Stage. Here some preview of the presentation the team prepared for this occasion with the last artworks and updates from the talent pool.

What is Global School?

As for a reminder Global School...

… offers blockchain & crypto awareness and education through tailored training programs in New Media & Social Innovation for citizens, organisations, SMEs, administrations, policymakers, financiers, creatives and entrepreneurs.
… aims to deliver a set of tools and competences to trainees that enable them to design and implement social innovation initiatives.

A Multi Sided Work Environment

More to come soon!

I could not join this year Steemfest as I have to manage the +24 participants of the @globalschool while also recovering from a rude cold which took away my voice these last days. I hope the team is enjoying and find some more support for the @globalschool! Looking forward to share you more about all of this soon!

In between...

Do not miss the last post of @Lizanomadsoul

All the best,

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Love to see Kraków from another persons perspective, it looks so different :)


Indeed, every travel, path, each experience can be so rich wherever or however the focus goes it can bring a lot of lovely nuances! :)

Sad you couldn’t join us but it’s wonderful that you posted the view pictures I forwarded to you:)
I will keep you updated 💜


Thanks for keeping me close to all of you across the distance! Where you are it is like I am there in a way or another 💜
Warning: fixing too long this GIF can affect epileptics ^^

I'm so proud of the @globalschool team at the Steemfest, can't wait to see you soon! And good luck Jean for your recover and for managing the @globalschool participants, I send you all my courage from France.


I am very proud of all the team too! A first time @globalschool is presented in front of an audience while I am not the one presenting: that's a decentralized step ^^ huhu. Thank you @bertille-aa for your encouragements and courage I really appreciate it! We can't wait to have you around to lead this wonderful project forward.