Watch the Basic Attention Token's Explainer Video

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The Basic Attention Token's (BAT) latest video has founder and legendary developer Brendan Eich walk you through the contemporary issues of advertising and how this new cryptocurrency can enrich the experiences of all users. The explanation is beautifully illustrated and articulated, painting an optimistic picture of how decentralized technologies will put us more in control of our content and viewership. Watch the video below -

Video: Link

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BAT is a gem. Among the few coins with working product.


This is the best part about it, the product works and works well.


@zedigix Quite a few working products now if you know where to look. Just writing a new post today coming soon to Ade's Press . sign up for carefully researched updates. or just join my telegram

its really an amazing project! for me as a content creator its one of the most exciting coins to invest. i already approved my website and looking foreward how this will turn out :D

I'll take a look👀 thanks for sharing!😉

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I just downloaded the brave browser last night and i absolutely love it!