@How to make your child Feel positive toward learning?

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1-By asking questions: the fastest way to change the feeling of any one for the better to ask him directly about his feeling, if he reaches the case that he wants to reach, so ask your child such: describe to me your condition, when you are successful and superior. You will see that he became in a good mood.
2- Be more attentive: if you watch your child when he is in a bad mood, you will find him looks down and you may find him talk to himself. In this case, you should tell him to imagine anything that he loves and you will find him gets better.
3- Help your child to create a new interior representation: ask your child always to think about the things that makes him happy.
4- stories: stories are from the excellent ways to excite new cases in child because our subconscious mind creates links between what you are reading and other meanings more profound.
5- Music: listening to high music in the morning is an excellent way to help people to feel energetic and to be ready for the day.
6- Games and physical activity: if your child tends to the way of motor thinking, he should do physical activity which helps him to reach the case that makes him think better.
References: Creation of Future's Child- Dr. Emma Sarjent.
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