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Who was Moses' first son? Joshua? Caleb?

I doubt if you know at all or can easily remember...

GERSHOM was the first son of Moses, but we never really hear much about him.

This is as a result of one of the mistakes made by great men.

Most great men leave their children behind while they train other men's children.
They unconsciously invest in their young, uneducated errand boys who go about with them.

Little do such great men know, that while their children are at home watching TV and having nice time, the uneducated young errand boy that goes around with them is understudying and learning the keys to success and greatness.

Little do mothers know that as the house girl stays in the kitchen and the kids sit in the living room watching TV, they are empowering the uneducated village girl, and leaving their children behind.

Little does the pastor know, that as he goes to church investing in other people's children, and he doesn't sit daily with his children discussing the Word of God, he is like a man who is repairing another man's car when his own car needs serious attention. When all is done, the other person will drive off, and he will have no car to drive.

No wonder, most pastors' and great men's kids become wayward, useless and cannot take over after their fathers, even when they manipulate to put them in charge.

Moses left his children behind with his wife and father in law Jethro, while Joshua became his errand boy, watching the different miracles, understudying Moses. No wonder, Joshua became the next leader of Israel.

Fathers, Mothers, Pastors, Businessmen and Women, don't leave your children behind. Carry them along. Stop training other men's children while yours stay back at home.

Look around and even through history, how many businesses can you point to as having generational continuity?.

While they enjoy the pleasures you provide, let your children experience what you experienced that makes you what you are - they will not die.

Let them become your PAs, even your errand boys and girls.

Let people say that they are following their father's step.

Please DON'T LEAVE THEM Behind while you're indirectly working and laboring for another man's child.

Be wise!


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