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Hello guys, today I would like to introduce an extremely potential project: AFCE - AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE-Very potential project

The hope of joining the This project is very big for us, before you join it will be better if you understand the project besides it will add to your insight and improve information for you especially understanding the project’s vision and mission so that it adds to your trust in.


First ,AFCE is an authentic, centralized exchange of African cryptocurrency with African culture and background. The business is aimed and transforming the way money is treated throughout Africa. Although blockchain is decentralized by nature, we have decided to operate a centralized exchange, as that is the only way to covert Fiat currencies converted into cryptocurrencies. African Coin Exchange provides a trading platform/exchange to convert Fiat currencies into the most popular cryptocurrencies.

The platform is designed and built in such a way as to allow both new entrants into the market and experienced traders to trade effectively and easily in a safe and reliable environment.
African Coin Exchange is aimed to alter the manner bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies treated throughout Africa. Though blockchain is decentralized by nature, we have decided to operate a centralized exchange, as that is the only way to covert Fiat currencies (i.e. South African Rands) to cryptocurrencies. This South African cryptocurrency trading platform was made to offer detailed analytical graphs for cryptocurrency investments and trading. We are working to provide the best cryptocurrency exchange market rates. So, if you’re an trader in altcoins or a bitcoin trader, African Coin Exchange is your go-to crypto-marketplace. We are the cryptocurrency exchange in Africa who have obtained a real step on threat and KYC direction for consumers, now cross border remittance are easy and fast. Additionally, we have taken all of the security measures to provide the best cryptocurrency trading platform. African Coin Exchange have high liquidity so you can readily buy/sell your bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies instantly.


Trading — Fast and scalable trading engine designed that provides real-time execution of orders.

Funds Transfer — ACE exchange is a secure platform for funds deposits and withdrawals with 2FA Authentication

Liquidity — Fast and high — volume order execution, access to high liquidity orderbook

Referral Program — With referral program users on exchange can refer the ACE platform to their friends and get paid in return with referral commission

Security — ACE provides secure trading by allowing users to activate Two Factor Authentication and Google Authenticator

Margin Trading — Automatic funds borrowing with 1:2 and 1:3 leverages


Sign up - Create your account within minutes

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Profile — Complete profile and unlock buy / sell limits

Start trading — Start to buy and sell

We are in the development of an exciting new App to suit your every need. We are developing exciting Apps for iOS and Android that will provide top security and ease of use,

Finally,I hope that the project will be successful and bring much value to the community

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TELEGRAM: http://tg//join?invite=HhftmEX8P06tqIrOna4U0A

Author : Sccc

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