I would like to highlight a new steemit user @Bania from Nigeria, he has been very successful and his success is more proof that Steem Blockchain can support people in developing nations! For this reason alone steem might gain humanitarian investors!

5년 전

I would like to give a humble shoutout to a new Steemit user from Nigeria, Africa, who is already doing very well and who deserves some attention from me and so please check out @bania . if you like up and coming African Steemit users who are proving that you can make a living from the developing world by working online then please follow @bania (Especially if you follow @tj4real or @xpency or any other users from http://www.steemit.com/trending/Africa ) Let's encourage this new steemit user to post everyday and to reach out to @tj4real @ortigas100 @xpency @ogoowinner and the other Steemit Africa Team members, because Stemit Africa will become more and more important as we gain more and more users from the African Continent, which we will use as an example to show the rest of the developing world what Steemit can do for a developing nation....I mean like a serious chunk of new GDP can be raised using steemit and bitcoin! Just look at the success of @bania here,

I made sure to upvote all of his recent posts on his Blog as they are all high quality and this user is a perfect example of how people in a developing nation can EARN A LIVING off steem and crypto currency! We should make it easier for them to exchange thir steem for bitcoins and bitcoins for cash by helping a steemit user in every city in west africa to become a localbitcoin dealer which requires a reserve of local fiat cash and a reserve of bitcoins, so they can charge a small fee every time someone neds an exchange, and this will alow for a Job to be created! See how Bitcoin simply creates jobs wherever it goes? Anyone can run a small Bitcoin ATM service! Plenty of people might need to sell some bitcoin for some cash to buy some food for example, and the person giving fiat cash for bitcoin can simply charge a 5 or 10 percent fe or even more, and just make money all day exchanging money for money! and if someone cant "use" their bitcoins immediately, well, that only helps them in the long term, they are forced to save their btc and the price inevitably goes up, and they end up with even more money! But as I just explained, that problem takes care of itself, we can help by upvoting and donating Smartphones and Wifi and money to pay for Mobile Data plans (Until we can get them cheaper or free public wifi like i want to do for the Church of @tj4real so his church can have free wifi for its members and children after school etc AND a computer lab with at least 10 computers for the poor to get on steemit!)

It's miraculous and the biggest challenge is simply getting cheap android smartphones in the hands of every person in Africa, AND getting them all small USB solar battery chargers, and affordable Wifi or Mobile Data plans, and I believe helping people like @bania and @tj4real and @ortigas100 continue to pay their expensive internet bills will help everyone around them! And eventually we must set them up some sort of Free Satellite Internet like Outernet, or help them buy the WIFI router and service plan to provide Free Wifi or help setup an internet cafe where they can allow people in their hometown somewhere to use computers and get on steemit. This would give people the tools they need to make money and eventually afford their own smartphone, all by just posting on steemit. We could even have a bitcoin ATN at the internet Cafe or allow the manager working there to exchange Bitcoin or Steem for local fiat currency to make it very easy for any local steemit users top cash out to buy food with SBD someone sent them! Imagine if the world's hungry had internet, and could ask us for SBD to buy food with! And we can find jobs for them online! Young people in Africa can even Vlog for example, to gain followers and sell products, vlogging about Africa will gain them a big western audience! All Africans have a wealth of culture to video record and blog or vlog about!

(Image I made illustrating Myself and @tj4real exchanging technology for culture, built on an existing illustration of Bitcoin being a tool for helping develop business relationships between north america and Africa. Before bitcoin there was no real way to instantly pay anyone for doing work online, at least nothing as reliable as Bitcoin and now with steemit its even easier to send and receive money, and thre are plenty of things even the most poor in Africa can offer us in the west especially with entertainment, Youtube, Photography, Music, Dance videos etc so even the poor and uneducated can still participate! And with internet they will become educated also!

(Here is a really cool Billboard idea that I have been talking to @tj4real about funding in Ghana and then in Nigeria with @xpency and we hope to talk to an African Advertising Agency to find the cheapest Open air advertising so we can test it out and then do a media blitz to put steemit logos EVERYWHERE, with steemit ads on African Youtube, African Radio and then steemit logos on multiple billboards, so all at once people in Lagos Nigeria for example, will start to notice this steemit logo everywhere and the posters and billboards will explain briefly how you can "get Paid to Use the Internet" or "get paid to blog" or 'make extra money online" we will make it seem very simple, and people will be curious and join! we need a new ad campaign a GENIUS advertising campaign, maybe showing an animal on a laptop making some money very easily....we need a mascot!

Image by @DonkeyPong showing steemit usage in Africa, with much of the users concentrated in places like Nigeria, so let's take advantage of this natural growth of steemit in this region and let's CATER to this market and really make use of the very low advertising costs here, to saturate the african markets with steemit ads! just SATURATE everything! We should pay people to go around putting steemit stickers everywhere and we should really see how cheap we can buy open air advertising on the side of a restaurant or any building for that matter!

(Great image from @steemdrive from South Africa which is by chance! I just google image searched 'Steemit Billboard" and it came up! https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemdrive/steemdrive-second-proof-of-successful-crowdfunded-billboard-flight-in-durban-south-africa

So I hope @bania can do a little research and find out how much advertisements will cost in his local area. He can look up a local ad agency and ask for a basic package of Open Air or Billboard advertisements. It can be on the side of a building and does not have to be a billboard, , but we can start with a Billboard or open air type, and see how much it will cost or us to have a billboard for steemit for a month....if we get one up, it will get to the top of steemit and @stellabelle and @thejohalfiles and @neoxian and all sorts of steemit whales will definitely upvote it if we can actually get a real life Steemit Billboard up in Africa...that image would be VERY powerful Especially with a bunch of Steemit Africa users all taking their photo together in front of it! And @Tj4real is ordering some Steemit T shirts to be made and will have a Steemit Dance crew at his Church and no mnattr what they do, they will be spreading the word about steemit just with their t shirts! They can make cool videos of them dancing while the background chances to all the spots of their city, we can copy popular dance videos from Hanagami choreography, and that steemit logo on their T shirts will shine through and become another layer of advertising!

(Another @steemdrive Steemit billboard design be sure to go upvote thir posts if you like their work! )

(real life steemit billbaord in Manilla Philipines by @tjpezlo full post available here https://steemit.com/steemit/@tjpezlo/manila-s-first-steemit-billboard we should be learning from these succesful steemit advertising campaigns, which will work a lot better now and give you a greater ROi in terms of upvotes now with steemit being much bigger! These billbaords were done last year!)

(Another @steemdrive post showing what a Steemit billboard in Chicago would look like! Illustration by @mrgreen and his comment on this post of @steemdrive which got over $7,000 wow https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemdrive/steemdrive-first-steemit-billboard-to-hit-usa-in-chicago-illinios-vote-for-the-american-dream )

WOW even the top COMMENT on this $7,000 post got over $800 for one comment!

Well the comment as about a 2000 SBD donation being paid to help these billboards happen! So let this be a LESSON to ANYONE who doubts the ability for anyone to earn thousands of dollars on steemit, you JUST have to make posts ABOUT ADVERTISINg steemit itself! And actual billboards or youtube ads like @jerrybanfield are alternatives! or advertise on instagram like i do that works too, but this should show you how you can take it to ANOTHER level beyond Jerry's level, where you're doing actual billboards! This is where Jerry Banfield should move towards! And hosting big free events to show people steemit! id like to talk to a professor at my local SDSu university and try to see if I could do a small plug for steemit at the end of a class!

(Posted on steemit by @ash from @themerkle http://themerkle.com/steem-blogger-raises-thousands-of-dollars-to-fund-real-world-billboard-campaign/ a whole article about how awesome we are here at steemit bcause we raised money to buy our own billbaords! We really are a decentralized company! We are the first decentralized company where we get paid when we work and noone is the boss! "I'm makin money like a make sweet love" the way it should be!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and my next post will be all about this $7000 post from last year by @steemdrive and I will be seeing if @steemdrive will talk to us and give us advice for buying billboards, and how we can get the MOST advertising done for the lowest price! I believe this is the type of story every steemit user can support because the result will just be more steemit users, higher price of stem and everyone benefiting! So let's work on some Billboards in Africa, AND in the USa and all over the world! thanks to the Steemit Users who started this ide aof Steemit Billboards and I can't wait to rally get this done and see a big steemit ad in my local town AND across the planet in West Africa! it's going to be VERY exciting for everyone! Plenty of work for everyone! we can ALL make money doing this!

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining like this email zackza@gmail.com or text/call me (619) 302 0398 and....

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This is an incredible post and very motivating. You got me very excited about the possibilities with promoting Steemit.

Ill resteem, upvote and tip! post


Thanks man for reading and showing full support and i appreciate your follow too


yeah itrs all about confidence, you have to convince others that you have a downhill anti struggle to offer

you can just let pieces fall into place and allow those referal links to just fal into peoples laps, and youll be a master of bitrconnect and genesisis mining referals and youll THEN have steemit as the 3rd option for peopel without any money, youll have a backup in your arsenal of words, so noone can turn you down, even people who are stubborn will reluctantly join steemit and go 'Ok whats this all about, hey its free so I aint gettin screwed over here!" and thats the most important thing, to realiuze that youre gonna be meeting a lot of people like yourself who DONt ant to spend a DIME and they wont have to

u can use steemit as the way to convince them al l that they can make money from nothing and wether they make 1 cent or $1 or $100 at least theyre making SOMETHING

Ok and then u can move on to getting them to invest under you after that

but u can sidestep that whole game if u want and u can just create a brand on steemit, or create a youtube channel about crypto currency, those are easy to create now, but only so many peopel will have popular bitcoin and crypto re;ated youtune channels!

just like only a certain amount of people are going to ever signupfor steemit or bitconnect or genesisis under you, BUT theres ENOUGH people in the world and on the internet to allow for enough for everyone!

basically theres MORE than enough fish in the sea, u can sea p[eople online as potnetial fish and u ned to hook them but insteadof screwing people uc can find ways where everyone can win,

anyway i have to slow down this morning , but yeah just be confident and u have to make money first before you can talk to others and convince them..u have to be successful and people will b able to tell if u are makin money yet or not, so u have to do it for yourself first but once you do, youl have this GLOW, kind of like how women can smell other women on you after u get laid, its like u have this glow and you can more easily get laid, its just like with making money online...its the wild west and u have to just be confident with passive income and feel GOOD about it

we used to live in a world where passive incoem was looked down iup[on and peopel had to WORK for their money, now its seen as you being a wizard and if your smart u can get passive income

but i hve this strange feeing that business is not intelligence, just ecause your good at business it doesnt mean thats what humans are for and that SHOULD equal success but it does, its sad, but it wouldnt be an issue if we werent truing to sabatoge each other, if we taught children that its ok to begreedy but u cant be a socialist, if we just taught chjildren basics of business and not that business is evbil than we would be in a much better situation

thjey make business seem so easy and at the same time they mistify it

Its because TEACHERS and PROFESSORS are the ones who DONT get it! and they pas their ignorance of business onto students! Just because you dont understand it doesnt mean its not correct, but these fuckers love tyo talk shit about "capitalism" l;ike a child getting mad at his older brother for being taller than him....

again no idea how I got here from a cmment tellingme you agree and want to resteem but yup, i aprecoate the reply,

replis like yours are motiovation for me as well,i always enjoy reading the nice replies from people like you, and i also fear i get some negative responses, so i try to not make inflamatory comments anymore, because its nice to just chec your inbox and just get nice replies, lol too much anxiety from angry replies

awesome, I will upvote when my power refresh here...will resteem this right now!!


just gave you a 100 percent 19 cent upvote! good luck man! i cant give these typesof full power upvotes out often but soon my 5 opercent upvotes will be this much!


wow man, that was nice..will back this 0.19 to promote some posts like this :-)


yes and also go on #africa upvote those posts!
http://www.steemit.com/trending/africa and upvote those posts and check out the new posts from that #africa hashtag too but yeah go upvote the africa posts to suport steemit africa members


sure, it is my pleasure..


Thank you for this wonderful post. Honestly i dont know about @bania before now. I only see the likes of @dragonslayer @ehiboss, @ogoowinner in the Africa steemit chat. This your article has given me more opportunity to know more great people. I will do the needful now.

  ·  5년 전

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Very, very cool.

It makes me extremely happy to see this decentralized social media site impact so many people live's. I love the work you all are doing to bring other countries online. Thanks for sharing as always!

Upvoted, Resteemed, & Following


Hello @crystalgeometry

Thanks for reading and giving your support and yeah, @ackza is doing a great job and dedicating his time, money and energy into helping people in the poor nations of the world.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has come to change our world for good and make it a better place

This post received a 4.9% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @bania! For more information, click here!

@bania got you a $1.98 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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Frickin awesome post Ackza! Love that this is going worldwide, it is exciting, and even more exciting to essentially be involved around the "beginning", and too offer up your personal email and cell to help people is amazing. What a great community we have where we can trust and help each other! Love it!


Yeah, steemit is a great community and can make our wolrd a better place

Damn this is really exciting work. You guys that are doing so much to bring Steemit to Naija are really fulfilling its potential in exciting new ways. Literacy into lucre, international connections, the web embodiment of acting local and thinking global.

In Nigeria however, it seems like all the Steemit action is happening in Lagos and Port Harcourt and Abuja and -- Ibadan? Anyway, those are all places I call Not!Enugu. One of the things I hope to do as I earn more is to start promoting Steemit in Enugue. Even before that, I'm looking for Enugu-based Steemians to get together and organize; accomplish together what we can't do apart.


You need tio become a localbitcoin for your dealer incase there is no localbitcoin.com dealers in ur area, probly is, but become a cheaper one, bevcaue steemit users need bitcoin dealers bcause bitcoin ATms are gonna be an expensove luuxry but u dont need them at al u can always make money becoming a bitycoin (and steem) dealer selling and buying bitcoin (or steem) for cash,

but maybe there are plenty of bitcoin dealers already but mak sure people know u will help thjem cash their steem out, so u can always be aure people will be able to spend their money when they want so they can be motioavted to keep using steemit. many people just save the money not knowing how to withdraw it and end up being less motiavtd, peopl eneed to see that its real money

we will be able to get a lot of peopel in ur area on steemit with simple word of moputh campaugns, but u also need to have some ground breaking project with building local fre WOFIO ro something or buiklding a cmputer lab for a school, u need a way for ur vilage or town to have public fre wifi for people tro use who would like to work on steemit, and iut would be great to have a compuyer lab where poor presidents without smartphones can just uyse stemit untill they make enough for a smartphone for themselves, this is something that would make steemit look very good in the town when we provide free wifi
we gotta get more free wifi out there! people need more free wifi and compuer labs to use! people need to see computers and internet as an abundant resurce that everyone can access, then peopel will see how easy a work at home economy can work!

EVERYONE can make money online, work at home can become the lifeblood of the new world economy! Its just humans finding nooks and cranie of money in the economy ND building NEW ways to make MORE money onlin! theers PLENTy for everyone!



I love this a lot!!

Every time I read your post. My spirit of motivation burned. You are my motivation. Thank you for sharing n promotion steemit


Keep reading blogs about business, money, and know that its simpler than you think, you can become effcient, at anything, just start, and keep to the internet, kep to social media,

we are lucky to have this many tools, and alot of success these days is just pure confidence and being happy, and using your own happiness as a contagious virus to infect others, with steem blocklchain as our platform for human serotonion levels going up, we can think holograhicaly and conquer cyberspace

This shows us that we are in the right field of highest innovation

we have to get into building on steem, learn programming languages l;earn about graphene and learn about how to make steem better, its a TONY space with JUST A FEW programmers living in it! Blockchain experts are RARE and theres only a handful in the world! VERY few people can build blockchains or maintain or upgrade them

learn about these things, for the blockchain engineer will always have a job


Yeah, i'm on the path to learning programming languages, learn more about the graphene blockchain and become a professional blockchain developer.

With these knowledge and skills i could contribute more by creating amazing projects that would make our world a better place.


yeah if you enjoy that stuff, i am beginning too and i guess its never too late but yeah youre young so do that, im already 29 so i have to think more about using skills i already have instead of starting over also i know ill be good at progamming if i ever need to be, as im trying to learn basics, but its just a waste of time for me to learn programming same with me learning math,

but yeah thats just me, and u should for sure keep going with learning how these blockchains work

its going to be like Linux in a few years, and android...there wasa time a decade ago when Linxu was not as important as it is now, and people who learned it were ;learning for fun...but some knew it would become impoortant...none could have seen how FAST android would take over, noone whp used linux 15 years ago could have ever imagind how fast linux would spread and none would have EVER believed them that we would al be caryiong around linux com[uters in our pockets! The idea that EVERY man woman and child would be using Linux everyday all day was a fantasy,

so with blockchains, it will be sikilar, now theyre seen as a speiclaity as a novelty but they will be completely ubiquitous in teh future, and I hope people dont become TOO addicted to blockchains and use crypto currency as a mark of the beast neofuedal type system where bitcoin is just used to take fuller control over a situation, ecause if u can print up counter fit fiat paper money u can just keep buying more and more bitcoins, but the dollar would be devalued, heh its a crazy future

so many problems will happen, so i just hope we dont end up making thinsg WORSE with bitcoin, like I can just see people getting "locked ouyt" of society when there is no fiat paper money and all money is tracked and traced and controlld tightly with Bitcoin

it WONT be decentralized when the communist party of china decides to just implement software on 51 poercwnt of bitcoun miners all in China...see what i mean? Any bitcoin transaction or wallet can be reversed or made null, peopel can just wipe out your wallet collectyively, if someone took control of the majooty of the bitcoin miners, if someone had all the nodes, then fuck youre fucked and same with steemit if someone controlled all the steem witnesses, they could then start censoring whatever they wanted

so we have to bkeep things decentralized

we have to have orderly chaos

pretty soon Steemit gonna make a milestone of achievement across the world

he is making pretty good at steemit @bania
hope we will be there soon :)


Yeah, thanks for reading and supporting


I like the way that sounds! A MILESTONE of Achievement

ROman Milestones were markers of stone laid every mile

The Roman Empire stretched deep into Africa...Rome unites all of us....

we should embrace the Ancient ROmans for every aspect of our life. They knew how to do everything right.....well you can argue they had plenty of problems, but steem should just adopt a roman fel

aqueducts of information, yes, aquaducts of data flowing into Africa from Cyber Rome or USA as new capital of the internet, but its not about location, actually the internet cables flow in from Europe to the North, or actually they also flow in from the atantic ocean, so yeah lets copy Ancient Rome or just adopt the roman feeling

I love this a lot!! You are a good person for showing humanity