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At my school I am responsible for teaching 10th and 11th grade Physics as well as 10th grade Biology. My classes are not large – only 20 students in each. We meet in the afternoon as classroom space is limited and the elementary classes convene in the early hours. My students are excited to be taught by the “Peace Corps”, however unfamiliar my teaching style may be. The short 3 weeks of model school during training is proving valuable, and my class here has grown well-behaved (less a scallywag or two).

I've also taken on a weekly prep class for the 12th graders hopeful of passing a subject on the West African Secondary School Certificate Exam (WASSCE). Our grand total of students from 1st to 12th grade is 501.


Nyemah the math teacher and some elementary students looking over the school calendar we developed.

The first week of school was, how should I put it... understaffed. Most teachers were at a last minute workshop 7 hours away. My principal wanted to show concern and open school on time. I helped teach almost every grade that week. One drizzly day I arrived to school to see 150 students from the 1st to 6th grades and not a teacher in sight. According to the daily schedule classes had begun. Students crowded into their respective classrooms and perked up as I walked on by.

"Good morning teacher, welcome to our class.”

Their anticipation was too grand – I had to give them something. I walked into the 2nd grade class and students sprung to attention, uniformly reciting “Good morning teacher, welcome to our class.” I introduced myself as Mr. H and said “What do you want to learn about today?” Not even a cricket. I echoed “Any questions – ask!”. Nope, time for a new prompt. I gave them an ultimatum “Math or Science?” That got them talking. Nothing like striking the fear of math in to the heart of a second grader. They opted for science, so I drew them a watered-down water cycle. Minutes after entering I hopped away to brief with the rest of the grades. Teachers trickled in and the load was lightened – but at least 5 grades have seen the water cycle now.


Cows enjoying extra-curricular activities in the hallway at my school.

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Amazing how kids all over the world are usually not huge fans of mathematics. Nice post, @jhimmel.

Dear Mr. H,

Thanks for teaching me about the water cycle:



And thank you @dhimmel for teaching me about water cycle in the most simple and effective way. It has been quite some time since we learned about it. I knew the term sounded familiar and looking at your illustration it all came back to me. :-)))

It must take lots of energy to teach so many kids. Great story, @jhimmel. Cows did not seem to care a lot about this actually being a school and not their stall.


Luckily for these cows, they don't have a stall!

It was so much fun reading about your teaching experience with the kids in Liberia. Upvoted and reposted!

@jhimmel, go and place your daily vote for Steem on netcoins!

Nothing like striking the fear of math in to the heart of a second grader.

Quite an ultimatum I must say!

Nice. Keep up the posts it is great to see some on the ground reality of what these programs are like.