Zimbabwe Looks Like Corruption Again

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Zimbabwe Looks Like Corruption Again

This is the winner or claims to be the President of the ruling party that has rule for over 30 years

He is Thanking his people for rigging the election for him

But the figures do not add up as you can see below

The people are not happy they know when they have been had they are not rioting on the streets

It once was the Bread basket of Africa

Check out this video of how clean and nice Zimbabwe was in the 1970's pretty nice

Its a sad state of affairs to see Zimbabwe like this looks like a right mess again it was once the bread basket and now seems to be an eternal basket cask.

Such a proud country and proud people getting destroyed by the minority with stupid polices and behaviour

Looks like another African rigged election to me very sad and these don't get fixed

I think this is the new Zimbabwe corrupt as ever and just not getting better for the people

As Leonardo Dicaprio said as a famous Zimbabwean in a movie this is Africa the is different rules

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If the river sounds it's because stones bring

This is a Venezuelan saying


this is a signal to end of world

Hello Brother how are you? about this president I really do not know anything about Venezuela if they say it is corrupt and more because it is my country, for your publications I find out many interesting things


good thanks Venezuela needs to get rid of the boss he near got done today haha


hahahahahaha yes

It's so sad. There are so many african countrys that are actually rich because of their natural resources but corruption destroy's all growth possibilities those states have...

@newmarket65, This is really unfortunate to hear, and it's painful to see an beautiful and lively place is becoming so stressful.

And most importantly, we have to change our thinking to change the world means, sometimes common people stay silent that's why minority dominate majority.

So, we have to understand what is good and what is right then we have to stand against the flaws of system.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed.