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If I could do it,I stop the sun shine and the blind night, but we all need it,but let me put that behind and step into the light and feel the breadth of life, where everyone is entitle to some little peace even In the world of strike I feel my heart beat,I hear the sound of pecking fit innocent kids that could be fill with peace and be pleased to play in the street,I wonder how long will it takes before reality will put a check to that,those that lose much or little will never get it back,if I could I teach the world the truth and better pile to take when you are unhealthy to be heal.
If I could I go back to the time of the Afro war go back to the time when we used to witness Don Moen miracles roll when all was still burning, a life experience to keep cause the the memory will be too essence and too deep and let every man choose any amount he could keep with no war or crime, then I can walk on the street of every state and pop my positive hands to both side if the street with no worse nor pain to feel,if I could I change the keys I rewrite some history and bring the light to all the D dark mystery of way back with the brain of one man then I strike rod of moses of in my hand.

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They choose to be war after war jet fighter and battle tent raw toughing of war that's doss and moan,
A nation fighting for independent and still start all over,over who will rule in the process more killers are killing the starless,brother and folks with the hope of controlling million of naira with no note that money can't buy a dog soul talkless of the our daughters and Son's whose blood has been gushing away like water,if I could do it, I will stop it and Jack every weapons into oceans, wipe every man brain,clean up even their emotions,and go back to stop the colonial era in Africa contract of Zulu and ethnics project, cross omodakeke and ife prices keep everything stable nothing like flaunting with no prices,make earth a nice place for us to continue living,shows people caring loving and sharing, taking as much as is giving and back to the days of Adam and Eves stroll hiding, when things was all good before the devil commence is first deceiving... Ahh let the world hear the crack,,,,but I can't do it all.

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