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Life is fun same as the changes that goes with it
Something really strange is happening to her
It looks familiar but still doesn’t feel so nice
It’s like a dream to her how fast time runs
Waiting for no man not even an innocent girl
“There are things I can not change any more” she says to herself
Yes this is so true and unbelievable
I hear a life cry inside of her consistently
Saying if you don’t let me out of here
I may have another me inside of you
This is the hope she now want to live for

She finally has a baby inside of her
She love kids even when she was a kid
She couldn’t wait to have her own and run mad for it
Initially it doesn’t really matter who she is having it for
Oh what a joy it finally came out
In the eyes of this now woman is a mixed feeling
A feeling of joy for another Her in a new skin
And simultaneously how come I ended up here
Under this roof, in this body and for this body
Life becomes undefined
Time and tide waits for no man
“I most push on” she says to herself
But it’s no longer Olympic
The strength for it has been swallowed
Swallowed by the Powerful beast (youth)
I still beg of you, Be strong for me, and be a good girl
Please don’t play with sand
Don’t let go of what won’t let go of you
WOMAN like a flower so attractive in the morning
But become weak and draws Zero attention in the eve
Remains my Mother, my sister and my LOVER.


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