Going back to farming after 15 years

11개월 전

While growing up as a child I hated going to the farm or doing anything that concerns going into the Bush but I usually don't have choice, my parents spent most of their time in the farm cultivating, planting and harvesting.

The part I hated the most is the long vacation (August break) we usually spend our long vacation in the farm weeding. I hate touching the grasses, my portion of weeding was usually rough and the next two (2) days, where I weeded will be full of weeds again, Because I weeded nothing.
My parents will have to re-weed my portions.


I was feeling special but I have to eat from the food that comes from the farm yard because my parents were not wealthy to be buying all food stuff from the market.

Luckily for me, a family friend came to my rescue by taking me to their house where going to the farm was never in their plans. They usually buy their food stuff from the market.
I was the most happiest girl on the planet 15years ago because I won't be going to the farm to do any farm work especially weeding the grasses.

15 years later I'm back to the farm.
I came visiting my parents because the the world pandemic Covid-19 has shout down learning institutions.

This time I'm not weeding but harvesting Maize for the very first time in my life.


It was all fun all the way, I enjoyed every bit of the harvesting process.

My next harvesting process will be that of groundnut, we're seriously waiting for a heavy down pour of rain.
Since 25th July there hasn't been rain and all that was planted are dying and drying of heat.

Please join me in prayer for a rain so that everyone especially my Dad will be happy and full of joy.

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