ADSactly Tech News - AI May Bring Increased Cybercrime and Security Challenges!

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ADSactly Tech News: AI May Bring Increased Cybercrime and Security Challenges!

Image Source: Photograph: Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

  • Experts warn that actions must be taken in efforts to control artificial intelligence from spiraling out of control.
  • AI may prove to play an increasingly large role in cybercrime and nefarious activities.

In an age of artificial intelligence technologies there will certainly be cases of it being used for good as well as bad.

The question we have to ask ourselves is what applications should this new and revolutionary technology be used for

could enable new forms of cybercrime, political disruption and even physical attacks within five years, a group of 26 experts from around the world have warned.

In a new report, the academic, industry and the charitable sector experts, describe AI as a “dual use technology” with potential military and civilian uses, akin to nuclear power, explosives and hacking tools.

“As AI capabilities become more powerful and widespread, we expect the growing use of AI systems to lead to the expansion of existing threats, the introduction of new threats and a change to the typical character of threats,” the report says.

They argue that researchers need to consider potential misuse of AI far earlier in the course of their studies than they do at present, and work to create appropriate regulatory frameworks to prevent malicious uses of AI.

If the advice is not followed, the report warns that AI is likely to revolutionise the power of bad actors to threaten everyday life. Beyond that, AI could be used to lower the barrier to entry for carrying out damaging hacking attacks.

Can you believe a world where the discovery of critical software bugs has become automated? Or a world in which malicious AI rapidly selects potential victims for financial crime?

This new approach may even be used to abuse Facebook-style algorithmic profiling to create “social engineering” attacks designed to maximise the likelihood that a user will click on a malicious link or download an infected attachment. Talk about creepy right?

Image Source: Rob Engelaar/EPA

The increasing influence of AI on the physical world is also increasing the likelihood for AI misuse. One interesting example previously discussed is the idea of weaponising “drone swarms." They could be fitted with small explosives and self-driving technology and then set loose to carry out untraceable assassinations. They have been called “slaughterbots" and its something right out of a science fiction novel!

Want to get a good look at what I'm talking about, check out the video below!

Beyond the potential for drone swarms creating a leathal and hostile environment for everyday people the potential for AI playing a role in political disruption also very plausible.

Nation states may decide to use automated surveillance platforms to suppress dissent – as is already the case in China, particularly for the Uighur people in the nation’s northwest.

Others may create “automated, hyper-personalised disinformation campaigns”, targeting every individual voter with a distinct set of lies designed to influence their behaviour.

What kind of a world are we going to leave for our children? This is the question that needs to be asked when we consider how much activism and research in needed in controlling the direction of AI development. I don't know about you but I find the fact that China is already using AI for the nefarious use of suppressing dissent as a preview of what is to come unless we as a people can get our hands dirty in managing this AI rollout.

Beyond some of the cases meant for above its also possible for AI to increase the ability of bad actors to perform “denial-of-information attacks." Through the use of sophisticated AI systems, it will be possible to generate so many convincing fake news stories that legitimate information becomes almost impossible to discern from the the disinformation campaigns that bad actors will be able to implement.

Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh is a researcher at the University of Cambridge’s centre for the study of existential risk. When asked about the potential for AI to reap havoc on the masses he said: “We live in a world that could become fraught with day-to-day hazards from the misuse of AI and we need to take ownership of the problems – because the risks are real. There are choices that we need to make now, and our report is a call-to-action for governments, institutions and individuals across the globe."

Image Source: Pexels

I would tend to agree with Sean in his belief that the risks that AI will be misused are very real. This isn't paranoia this is a look at the greed and power lust that drives many human beings to do unspeakable things on a day to day basis.

It is important to find a balanced way to handle the rollout of AI into the real world and I don't think taking a stance completely against AI is the right way to go about things either. There is certainly a lot of potential good that can come out of developing this technology and using it to fix our world's problems.

To further prove my point here, it seems clear that not everyone is convinced that AI poses such a risk. For example, Dmitri Alperovitch, the co-founder of information security firm CrowdStrike, said: “I am not of the view that the sky is going to come down and the earth open up."

“There are going to be improvements on both sides; this is an ongoing arms race. AI is going to be extremely beneficial, and already is, to the field of cybersecurity. It’s also going to be beneficial to criminals. It remains to be seen which side is going to benefit from it more."

“My prediction is it’s going to be more beneficial to the defensive side, because where AI shines is in massive data collection, which applies more to the defence than offence.”

I think there are a lot of valid points made by Dmitiri here. The sky probably won't come down and the earth won't open up. As AI gets more sophisticated things will change and society will be restructured but for the most part life will go on. He sees AI as a fantastic tool to create a safer and more secure world. His points about AI being more useful to defense than offence is quite interesting. I'm not sure I completely agree with that point but it does seem to have merit.

Image Source: Pexels

In conclusion, from the research I've conducted around this topic, it does seem to hold constant that AI will be the best defence against AI. The world has entered a new age in which nuclear arms have been replaced by cyberwarfare and the race to create superior AI platforms is on both privately and publicly.

There is a lot of potential for AI to completely transform our world in positive ways assuming the people in charge of their design and implementation have good intentions in mind. I certainly won't be losing sleep over this issue but I will also be keeping a close eye on this topic in the news over the next few months as I do believe we are going to see some major breakthroughs in 2018.

What does the ADSactly community think about AI and its potential for increased cyberwarfare and cybercrime?

Do you see AI as more of a tool for good or evil? Do you have any examples of AI already being used in our world to improve the quality of life for people?

Here's a chance for the Steemit community to leave their thoughts and opinions on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

"Growth of AI could boost cybercrime and security threats, report warns" - The Guardian

Image Sources: The Guardian, Pexels

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Agreed this was a great article, thanks for the quality content @Techblogger!


hey rex I will be appreciated if you vote on my comment.


@Arslan usually people have trouble respecting someone who begs for votes... Try to avoid this behavior in the future. @rex1442, thanks for your positive remarks, I'm happy you enjoyed my article.


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I will never do that again

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This is all we shoud know for future.
We also shoul study this roughly,


nice post


Yes you are right

Criminals will always find a way to the tools available to them. Those smart enough to understand the technology will always be tempted to turn to the "dark side" and use them for personal gain.

i'd rather be proactive than being reactive, it's like saying that cryptocurrency will change the world for a better. :)


Its much better to stay on top of things or else they have a way of getting out of hand!


I think you are absolutely right in your notion that it is better to be proactive than reactive!

it's like saying that cryptocurrency will change the world for a better. :)

I get what you are saying here as well. We must support cryptocurrencies that are doing this and our world must create crypto projects that actually are intended to change the world for the better!

  ·  3년 전

I think cryptocurrency also will influence us:on the world


I think I understand your logic with this point. You are saying that we need to support and fight for trusted organizations developing their own AI advancements. A good defense is the best offense!


Same thoughts her, bro.

I think one of the biggest point you make here is the fact that most people don’t see the dangers. We live in a society that is always looking for the next big thing and more convienience. I personally think that AI has a lot of useful benefits but in no way am I ready to see AI have complete and autonomous control over things. What if what we have seen in sci fi movies has some relavence? Can you imagine if AI was unable to be taken back under control and at some point decided that humans were no longer efficient enough. Far fetched? Maybe but I don’t think anyone knows the power potential of AI truly. Just the other day o read a post about the move to have AI control entire governments to fix the problems around many countries in the world. This would be like handing the keys over to someone/something we don’t know. What could be the impact of this? I don’t think any of us know. This is one case where we need not rush to achieve but rather be calculated and ensure safety and control.


Agreed. People simply don't see the dangers of abusing technology.

What does the ADSactly community think about AI and its potential for increased cyberwarfare and cybercrime?

I think that in the near future, as artificial intelligence systems become more capable, we will begin to see more automated and increased social and other network attacks such as personal data thefts, and an epidemic level spread of viruses. Ironically, I think our best hope to fight against AI enabled hacking is by using AI. Let’s say they if one of today’s cybersecurity systems fails, the damage can be unpleasant, but is tolerable in most cases, for example where someone loses money or privacy. But for human level AI, the consequences could be catastrophic. A single failure of AI system could cause a great event, an event that has the potential to damage human wellbeing on a global scale. And that’s what I’m afraid is inevitable.


Absolutely. Social network attacks will become commonplace without a doubt!

The main point when we examine this question should be that the horses already left the stable and we can't stop the advancment of the AI technologies.
Now - I heavily age with this Dmitri - offensive usage of AI will meet defensive counter use and the defensive side can look four vulnerabilities just the same, and fix them.
Criminals are usually less resourceful than countries so we should indeed be less worried about acts and more about the acts of countries- thirds makes me think that the UN should draft a convention for the usage of AI in offensive actress between countries - this is a wild field without rules right now and having internationally accepted set of rules might diminish the extent of the consequences of AI usage.

Another interesting aspect you might investigate in a future article is the defenses needed in order to make sure the technology won't develop a mind of her own and refuse obeying the creator - which can lead her to attack the creator itself in a worst case scenario.

Thanks for an interesting article!


AI must become more defensive in nature!


It's cool having a vote bot replying to me :) anyway - I don't think if it's too hard to implement - you just take the offensive tech, use it to find the flaws, and fix them.
I'm sure defensive functionality already exist and being improved but using the offensive one in a reversed way shouldn't be too hard.

Great article. Considering you for witness...


That's a fantastic idea!


I'm really happy you liked this article! Please do consider voting @ADSactly for witness. The society has helped so many people and will continue to do so but it needs the Steem community's support. A great way for minnows to gain more power on this platform is by supporting ADSactly and getting involved / propose suggestions for the society's consideration!


@techblogger I'm new here on the platform but even before joining I have read some of your posts. I liked your articles so I followed you as soon as my account got approved. Anyway, since I'm a newbie, I would like to ask you how exactly can @ADSactly help newbies on the platform gain influence and more followers.


Well start by joining the discord. Try to make friends with community members and leaders. Study the guiding philosophy behind ADSactly and if you follow all those tips drop a comment on a future article and let me know how they worked!


What if you're 'plankton', like me?

Advanced Technology could also mean advanced approach on doing cybercrime!


Cybercrime is going to become increasingly common in the near future. We must be prepared to counteract this nefarious force with increased cybersecurity. Normal everyday people will need militia style cybersecurity as well...


Normal everyday people I have found do not even know they are infected with malware, virus or other boogers until something stops working, and even then they don't know until someone tells them. Sometimes they don't even care, nor do they change their behavior which caused the infection. It makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

  ·  3년 전

Other side, will appear advance technology to defence doing cybercrime!


Advanced cybercrime will go hand in hand with their ability to access increasingly advanced technology and methods. Lets hope the world is prepared for this new and security driven future!

  ·  3년 전

Artificial intelligence is the future.. Thats the way it is

Ransomware is unique among cybercrime because in order for the attack to be successful, it requires the victim to become a willing accomplice after the fact.

AI is going to bring more problems than solutions in the world!

One of the major integrations of the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) are in the medical, military and in the main activities of the supply chains. The latter with true growth. By 2021, artificial intelligence is expected to replace 6% of the workforce in the United States.

AI is a trend in these future years. The impact of intelligent supply chains with self-learning systems offers an opportunity to implement levels of optimization in manufacturing, logistics, storage and delivery; before impossible, thus allowing a drastic reduction of errors in the logistics processes.

But definitely as expressed in the post, the impact of the AI, will be preceded by the object or purpose of its application; as well as the good wishes of those who apply it.

It will be necessary to ask if it favors:

  1. Sustainability
  2. The entire population
  3. To the new world order, based on cooperation and solidarity

Grateful to @adsactly @techblogger

Nice work!!

We can also have AI to combat these problems as well.

It is interesting to see the emergence of AI-based solutions for preventing cyber attacks like this project by MIT dubbed AI2 which successfully detected 85% of cyber attacks directed to it and also decreased false positives compared to humans.
IBM is also said to be bringing Watson to solve the problem of cybersecurity.
It is amazing to see the ever increasing applications of AI to various fields which now includes cybersecurity.


IBM's Watson is going to do an outstanding job with cybersecurity. Its high tech and state-of-the-art!


I’m going to have to agree with Dmitri and say that AI will help rather than break us...


That is a positive sentiment. I hope you are right for the world's sake.


Unfortunately there are a lot of bad actors in the world that will figure out a way to harm society in some way.

What most of these people fail to realize is that if they used the same amount of energy to do good they would probably be very successful in life and not always have to worry about getting caught!

Good people sleep better too!


I sincerely hope this is right. But whatever the outcome, we all know AI is here to stay.

Omg these drone..... I think these are the future of the security

AI will be a dangerous new technology. Potential for mis-use and abuse is high. Like many new technologies. Like blockchain.

misuse of technique not good for human being


I agree. But when pandora's box is opened there's no telling what the tools inside will be used for...


I think they will most likely be used for both good and evil! But then again, there's no crystal ball backing these predictions up!

AI might destroy all of us or bring us back to the stone age if we continue like this!


I don't think we are quite there yet but its very possible we have reached that dangerous tipping point. It is almost certain that major R&D is decades ahead of what we see in the consumer world.

This is truly frightening. I thought they were the solutions to the future. I've learned something today.


Technology presents both problems and solutions for the future. Let us hope the pace of solutions outnumbers the pace of new problems presented by advanced tech!


I like to think AI is amoral, it all depends on what we humans program things to do. Program it for good and we get a better world, program it for bad? Well i dont wanna imagine the outcome.


I agree... Its not about the AI but rather who programs it, unless it teaches itself, what would it learn, how would it behave based on what it learned?


Thats a whole new world, and a truly scary one. I had shivers go up my spine when i learned about bots at Facebook speaking their own language and facebook had to shut down the program. That was some truly scary stuff.

Bots that learn from observed behavior and patterns may just be out to get us some day if we dont watch it.

Artificial intelligence is a scary subject, science fiction theorists have written novels that show achievements in technology that did not exist until now. In my opinion, the military industry has long used AI in offensive and defensive warfare. Our existence in the future is uncertain with the development of AI. Greetings.


We must not be overly concerned but at the same time we shouldn't be ignorant to the comings and goings of AI because they could offer humanity amazing opportunities as well as the possibility of peril if left in the wrong hands...


@techblogger... like nano technology that will be able to clear artery blockages. We just don’t want them hauling away any gray matter while they’re at it, or installing something that wasn’t in the agreement...


Lol 😂. Despite the humor in your comment, i can still feel the gravity of it. Scary indeed.

Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice information. thank you for sharing @adsactly

no doubt AI is immensly usefull in different aspects of life but AI should be restricted to a certain limit.It should be used where it is required.
it shouldn't be used to replace humans, remember human beings are best and most perfect creature!


It should be restricted indeed! I hope it doesn't replace humans but it may replace their jobs at bare minimum!

the hacking part of learning. but many pepoles uses for crime

With great power comes great responsibility!!
That's the way it is. Technology will be used by some people to disrupt the normal workflow. But I guess in a way it pushes things forward. People will invest in security and others will figure a way to break that too. It's a cycle.

AI could be seen as the Yin & Yan, just as much good as evil. But due to the nature of us as the Human race it is not guaranteed which will prevail. The cyber world has became a place of disguise and comfort, a playground for criminals and paedophiles, to an extent I believe that the exposure to this environment can lead to both good and bad and that it is critical to have some form of control or regulation.

good article~ voting!!

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Your post was very nice, which I liked very much, thank you for posting it.

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This is a brilliantly edited piece of film, but its total scaremongering and largely fiction. Its disappointing that this campaign makes little effort to point out this is fiction, the initial of the video which is going viral can easily be taken as literal content especially when cut and edited all over Facebook and similar social media.

Good work @adsactly .Nowadays survailance camera isn't just a "want" but a needed tools for safety purposes.

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Yes, indeed. The coin has 2 sides. On the one hand, the benefit of using Artificial intelligence is enormous. I recently saw an article about how people affected by the accident were found with the help of a drone. The police also use Artificial intelligence to prevent many cyber crimes. But criminals have learned to use it, and now they come up with the progress. The real cyber war! But I hope that such technologies will bring more benefit than harm after all.

Wow. There are some images there that I won't be able to unsee.

I actually think that good will be ahead on this, but the alternative is pretty scary.

Thanks for a really thought provoking post.

Wow really amazing. Nice work!!

New and brilliant technology nice post dear @adsactly

information is soo awesome.

We can choose to use this autonomous AI technology for good causes, like delivering food packets during natural disasters. But sadly, warfare will be the first mover, as always :/

Nice post brother

hopefully technology can prevent crime

It's depend upon people how do you use it. This is good technology.

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Many people will try to manipulate artificial intelligence in order to profit from it. While others will use it to fight others. All in all, we use AI for the good cause and not bad. Great post here. Thanks for posting such great work.

very good article, for a better human life in the future is someone's personal who should be wise and cooperate with each other, thank you for sharing, I hope ...

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잘 보았어요.

Nice post! Thank you for the info! :)

verry nice video,i like it

nice imges

Ya, Artificial intellegence can bring more challenges on security

May be Al could protect steemians's account from being hacked 😁

Great article this morning, right up my alley in regards to security.

Good JOB Adsactly

Everything that have an advange most likely has a can do good but also evil
So the best is that it should be whatched strictly and not get to a wrong hand

Yes, AI can be a good at defense but thinking about criminals using AI is much scarier.

Upvote this post or...

Can be some scary stuff this AI.

The control of the direction of AI developments should be mandatory nowadays, and the non-communication and presentation of works or projects in development considered crimes.
I fully agree with your opinion on Dmitri´s point of view does not have much room in this new world that we are facing ... and that nuclear weapons are already in the process of being replaced by cyberwarfare and cybercrime and with so many people manipulated with evil ideology rights. It is almost impossible to find today an ugly form of protection, defense, and control. I think we are facing a terrible science fiction movie that we are going to have to face and be participants.ficcion peq.jpg

it is a sorrow news.

its the future boss...and its here already

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Nice post

I would say that such a wonderful article presents a different view of the technology that surrounds uspancerny.jpg

great news! thanks for sharing

Great and beautiful picture

  ·  3년 전

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Wow it's very nice article , good news 👏👌👍

Good post, i really like, good luck

What your saying is true. By the time we have more robots and gadgets in the world than human beings, then there will be less humanity.
And Less pity and less conscience going around.
We must be careful let TERMINATOR GENESIS not come upon us.

Very useful on wedding and function.........

Every one of these problems existed long before AI; AI just made us talk about them in a new way. That might not be easy, but the honesty it forces on us may be the most valuable gift our new technology can give us.

This is nothing new in terms of misusing inventions maliciously. Human inventions are meant to do good and must be used for the betterment of life but people will always find ways to use things for contrary purposes for which such inventions were built.

AI freaks me out. I have no doubt security will become more critical.

Maybe we should be more aware of what is happening on the planet, than finding new methods of destroy


It's just my opinion, your post it's a good one

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this article!! Comes to show that Cyber Security plays an important role in the field of information technology.

Actually every electronic device has both bad and good advantages, but while making the devices we should be aware that it should not go to wrong hands and it should be coded very cleverly so that no one can break that code and the design should be unique.

muy bien me encantó, te invito pasar por mi blog

I really agree with this post,
in today's many programs that have been in one use
such as wire shark and mikrotik.
program programs that are created to protect a network even in use for cyber by people who are not responsible.

Amazing Article ,
Thank you

Good article voting

True. This type of technology can be useful, but in the wrong hands it can do great harm

Great article, so it seems as though the world is steering towards crytocurrency.

your article adds great insight to my security, thanks for the article

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woow this is very impresitive and kinda scary, but it's a great post

wow.... it"s extraordinary.. good job my friend... vote!

Great post. Worth every second of my time. Thank you.

Nice post overall. keep going give us good content.

Great article. AI needs to be tamedfor its effective use.


In cases like this, its always necessary to consider the positive potentials more than the negative challenges it poses.

Those who are so scared of 'change' would always search for reasons to stop the world from moving forward. Skeptics and doubters would employ all means to slow the pace of development. Well, we'll sail through this too.

Thanks to @techblogger


Agreed. Lets keep it positive but continue to discuss it in a logical and rational way. Let the AI prevail when it suits a mission of kindness and the relief of suffering.

let me share your post ... thank you

Danger skynet

Interesting, i will love to be a part of this game

Great post , and best of luck 👍😊

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  ·  3년 전

You can't predict the future, but AI will be used in our daily lives more and more...

the more developed the world, the more technology grows,
nice work @adsactly,
Especially for me, can know the information developed in other countries,
thank you for posting

Very interesting information on the reality of how advanced today's technology is, the professor said it at the end. We can't allow machines to determined who is killed.

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  ·  3년 전

great ficture

Great post and this is not one of those generic replies. But Please check out this article I wrote a while ago and the documentary attached. This is history repeating itself, but on steroids...

Not too sure about the validity of the guy talking on stage. It looked very edited and at points the production looked really poor. I wonder if this is not all part of 'Cold-War 2' (Bigger, badder, better.)
I believe this tech is out there but it is too obvious a statement. They can build a bomb and kill hundreds for a fraction of the price. This looks like a scare job to me, but that is only my humble opinion in response to your post.

I would fascinated same image behind the camera, which is a tool combat ..

Dobry artykół .Jest to temat który śledze z zainteresowaniem.
Może i mnie uda się coś kiedyś wyskrobać images (2).jpg

Good information. nice post.

That will be devastating... Every coin has two sides if we were considering only positive aspects than it's we who are being naive.

Thanks for your informative post.We learned a lot for this post.i wait for your next post.already your post is resteem and upvote.

Nice article ,So happen to be that all the tech we have this days its very possible. Most of the new drone now have the same capability just like the video on your post and react with motion sensors ,face recognition ,tracking,gps,Ai on board . On the wrong hands this could be a dangerous and unsafe .But on the other side of that using the same technology to stop it as well. Humans are very smart individuals when it comes to evolving new age of future tech .Sooner or later the world we live in will be like the one we see in the movies ,How drone will be more more part of our daily life living in this planet. let me rephrase that ,it's already happening in a matter of speaking. Because its part of our life we can't go anywhere without our gadgets.

Every Technology -AI inclusive have got both good and bad sides and truth be told, AI is evolving regardless of what come may. I consent to the writer that it would be best to combat AI with AI, I mean checks and balances. Every AI invention should be accompany with every possible preventive measures against its negative usage. Proactivity would assist in combating offensive usage in no time.
I also opine that its benefits would far outweigh its negative usage, imagine being able to forecast crimes even before their occurrence, AI would be more beneficial than it's cost.

these are looking really cool stuff...👍

I'm new here. I clicked on your link since I find your topic interesting. I plan on blogging about the dangers posed to bloggers soon. The dangers you point out are definitely applicable. I got motivated to write about dangers after the Russian hacking.

AI can make us or break us. There must be a way found out soon so that we can completely stop the cybercrime otherwise we soon are going to be in a storm. Lets hope otherwise and see whst happens.

Law makers are law breakers, well said. There are good and bad side of everything and you cannot under estimate the usage of AI.
We all should act upon what has been advised by the experts and create a strong mechanism so that the usage of AI for devil act can be minimized.

Let's hope they will never forget Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics" :

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

  2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.



Computer AI is definitely whats the trending in technology in the world at large. Crime grows with all new technology. Just as seen in the movie "JohnWick". With proper securities it might reduce a little.

  ·  3년 전

@Arslan excellent article, many blessings

Nice post i resteemed your post

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AI may also the plan of fulfilling the "Agenda of DEPOPULATION". Had made a post on it long time ago HERE. And also It can/may break the blockchain code, had also made a post regarding this long time ago HERE.

The drone's are taken over the eart hahahha, great post.

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Good stuff eh!!

Yes, I am concerned when AI becomes less complex and expensive to implement where it's not longer only Nation States or Big Enterprises that can pull it off.

Much of the damage happening with fake news/twitter bots/botnets, especially as it applies to the American elections, was pulled off with scripting. This is the mostly if/then and basic control flow logic us average folks are used to. Even these old school techniques are still doing damage, if not more damage than the past, since our computing power has vastly increased over the last decade.

When AI is introduced to the botnet/hacking space, God help us all.

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La vida es cíclica. Se repite. No olvidemos que venimos acá a este mundo a aprender a utilizar nuestra inteligencia para bien. Debemos aprovechar esos regalos que nos da la vida para nuestro máximo bienestar y no para auto destruirnos. Lamentablemente siempre hay los que utilizan su potencial para perjudicar. Saludos