Artificial Intelligence, Our Future or Their Future

2년 전

Are the Innovators creating something that will work for us?
Or are they making something that will make us work for them?

Artificial Intelligence.jpeg

Apparently, there is great progress in the development of artificial intelligence today.
It is becoming clear that it is already possible to mimic the human brain.

It can already act and react with precision and in the way, it is at least controlled.

New technologies are introduced that mimics the basic functions of the human brain.

The Proof is in the Gaming World

In the gaming world, computers are in a constant battle with humans.
It is given that up to now, we humans set the parameters for the games.
During the games, the computer tries to prevent players from advancing to the next levels.
While humans are constantly playing to go for the next level.

For a long period of time.
Computers usually win.


Because they do not tire.
Because computers run fast then maintains being fast.
Humans go fast then slower in a longer time.
Because computers do not make mistakes.
Because humans make mistakes.
Because they do not eat.
Computers do not go to bathrooms or do "shit" things.

Although there are "very few" who can really go on to win the Game.
It is still "very few".

So what will be the weapon of players in order to defeat computers?


Computers in time go updates and upgrades.

How about us humans?
What upgrades do we need?
Can we mutate to be able to battle the artificial intelligence in games?

In 1996, more than 2 decades ago, there was a Chess Match between GM Gary Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue.
Deep Blue is considered a powerful computer during that time.
Legend has it that Kasparov won the first game.
Then in the second game, IBM was said to retool the computer.
Coincidentally, Gary loses the second game.
When he lost, he did not feel any better.
He felt the people who made an adjustment to the machine cheated.

Well, the computer did not care.
Computers do not care.
That makes us vulnerable, we care.

Up to what standard will we set the computers or robots go?
Like Alexa and Siri which can answer our request reasonably.

Computers and robots are being improved and developed almost every day.
There are people who are constantly in the lookout for something to reinforce their creation for perfection.

Technology is a double edge sword.
Just like a fire that can cook our food.
Fire can also burn us to ashes.

How far should we go with our quest for this Technology?

Feel free to comment.

Regards to everybody

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Hello my dear @jackramsey, interesting reading.

We have no doubts about the advancement of technology and we know that this will not be met, your question is interesting, it will be that in a while we will be working for them. Artificial intelligence develops quickly but I think it's a long way from happening (I honestly do not think it will happen), but I think that these developments will facilitate tasks in the future.

From the supposed arrival of man to the moon we are hoping that the moon will one day be a tourist destination very visited even habitable, but there are things that are simply impossible for the human being. It is my personal opinion.

Thanks friend, take care.


Appreciate your comment.
Hopefully we really can go to the moon as tourists.

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Hi @jackramsey

Some time you heard saying: "I'm here to stay".

Well, this happened with the artificial intelligence she has been for a long time or in constant evolution, today you and I are somehow feeding her growth even more, where you least think the AI is hidden, but in some cases she makes herself look , from your cell phone picks up the Google session and just make a request for information by voice, I think you know the result, that's IA

Greetings from Venezuela.


... And result from google phone (AI) are very interesting and mostly unusable for me.
English is very simple language and modified to program human beings. When English language is distributed around the world it is 'implemented' with different way of thinking and so this language is gaining some qualities and also loosing some of them.

Human is limited and captured in his own cage, as long as he believes to his parents, school, teachings, and not opening inner eyes to himself and nature.


Appreciate your time and comment
Hopefully we are the one being served by these AI

Posted using Partiko Android

I do not have too much information on gaming, but I would think the developers would take all advantage they can.

Alexa and Siri which can answer our request reasonably

I would not want either of these in my house. I think they have the purpose of spying on us.


Appreciate your comment
Your concern as per spying is really true

Posted using Partiko Android


You're welcome. We are being spied on from everywhere now, but might as well not invite more of it :)

Regards appreciated @jackramsey.

We should not get into a battle against AI. Precisely the reason for its existence is to help humans in common tasks and reduce the margin of error. A confrontation against it would be contrary to the reason for its creation.

I think we should not try to compete against it, but learn to evolve along with it.


I agree with your comment.
We should be able to co exist with these AI and savor the advantages that it brings.

Posted using Partiko Android

Humans should be the ones utilizing the AI and not the other way around. People fear losing their jobs to AI because they do not know much about what AI can do and can not do. Certainly AI will replace humans but the displace human has to fit and function somewhere. Say for example a grocery store run by AI, the cashiers might have been displaced but a new position should be created and filled in the back office to monitor and check the grocery store is doing well. That can only be done by humans. Even if Elon Musk is warning us against AI, I still believe they are not a threat in terms of job security and or availability


I agree with your comment.
We should be in control with the technology and utilize it.

Posted using Partiko Android

I think it is important to note that man built this technology, so without humans building it AI will be zero.

Man through the ages have built loads of stuff to help the human race and not take over it.

In conclusion, AI exist to help man and not make man go extinct. Cheers.


This should always be the case.
We should not go extinct.
Although the "Terminator" movies seem to be showing otherwise.
Appreciate your comment.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello @jackramsey!

AI's will never be perfect because they were built by ourselves. So, they'll never get perfection.

I agree with @ted629. They won't last without us.

Maybe in the 3000th century. Possibly, the robots go sightseeing to see our fossilized skeletons stuck to our smartphones.

Then the robot-son will ask the robot-father:

"That thing in their hands was our ancestor?"

and the father will answer:

"Of course, son, may its soul be in cyberspace forever."

Very good article that makes you wonder.

Thanks for sharing


😊 That future is amazing.
Happy for your comment

Posted using Partiko Android

Technology moves so fast its almost scary the leaps and bounds it has taken in such a short period of time.

As for humans, I think its mainly our minds that will/need to "upgrade". Meaning some of us(future generations) will get more intelligent and be more enlightened then those before us as time passes.


I really hope the coming generation will strive to be better than the robots,
Like the internet, there are numerous codes and languages exists.
The html, ccs, java script and others.
That I am sometimes stuck and need to update every now and then.
Appreciate your input.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @jackramsey

Thank you for posting this article.
We, users, should comment it more, so more users would read it.

Please accept my apology for language, as English is not my mother's tongue. I hope that it is accepted and understood.

In my opinion you are right in many points. Anyhow I would distinguish one thing. You are mentioning that computers AI is faster. Maybe this is true until computes don't have to operate in real world - until they are hosting us on their interfaces, but computer program has a build in interface for programs commands. So I believe they have great advantages until they are not robots.

Robots as humans:

  • have to eat - energy
  • have to sleep - regenerate - download programs, find connection, etc
  • have illnesses - mistakes in programms
  • have injuries - they have to have to repair their 'body'
  • can have sensory troubles - it is not easy to find the right object in nature
  • they have troubles in moving in nature
  • they have many obstacles not seen and detected by development teams, as development team members are obscured in their nature - they are not fully developed human beings as they don't live in real world - but in very limited and restricted world - city, etc.
  • they can be very vulnerable: you don't have to shoot them, you can use wires, ropes, sticky ropes, colors, - ordinary everyday things. etc.

When robots will have to operate with so many different data and they will lack of energy, lubrication substances, cleaning of their sensors etc, will have to take care of themselves - they will have nearly same troubles as humans have. With at least one big difference: humans are self regenerative, compatible with humans from other country and robots have troubles to communicate with robots which are unlike them.

We will soon see some consequences of such properties, when there will be launched new operating system for telephones from China, Russia or maybe even some smaller country or company, which will be more effective than current one, but unacceptable for some countries and/or producers of current mobile phones.

I'll be happy, when you will post some new articles about world, life or maybe only AI (which has some power only because we thing that is almighty - but it is not. As most of current AI is big search engine using some rules. But those rules are not valid everywhere and for everything. So there are many mistakes using this knowledge as few month ago it was issue with France, twitter and censorship.

Wish you a great time.
Please continue your great work.


I am happy to learn more about robots disadvantages from human.
Maybe they will do something about regeneration, errors and trouble shooting in the long run.
Like virus and anti-virus which is created for monetary purposes.
Highly appreciate your comment

Posted using Partiko Android


Thank you.
Enjoy life.

If it already controls us and handles us, without doubt in the future it will be the replacement of humanity.


Appreciate your comment
I hope we will not let them replace us or the next generation to come

Posted using Partiko Android

@jackramsey, In my opinion there are many secrets which are Hidden. Technology is now so powerful and almost impossible to stop but the main question is, at first place why we need Artificial Intelligence, for sure storing memory cannot be the only reason may be they are the future and who knows there will be times when they will going to become usual things more than humans. Stay blessed.


I agree, there are top secret projects and industry ventures that is not controlled.
Appreciate your comment

Posted using Partiko Android


Thank you and have a pleasant time ahead.

Posted using Partiko Android

I think that AI tech is going unchecked because they don't want to limit its possibilities of use but that to me is a mistake. At the rate we're going its only going to serve to benefit the rich by creating huge value generation systems that have a trickle up system and only make the gap between the rich and the poor even wider with very little room to break through.

I think that if this tech is not created with the purpose to serve the greater good and continues to focus on profit at all costs we're going to be headed for the next world war for sure


I agree with your input
I only hope we will not go to war
Appreciate your comment

Posted using Partiko Android

We are suppose to control technology but it seems like it is the one controlling us


I believe you

Posted using Partiko Android

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