The AI contest #2: Real TV

2년 전

Submit your AI, 90% payout split among winners (30/25/20/15)

The Real TV show problem

French (read the french translation)

Welcome to the next AI contest, exploring Game Theory and AI programming (for the coders around) or simply clever tactics (for you normal guys around). For this second contest edition, your bot will play the famous dilemma of real TV show.

You're on an island...


Well, your AIs will land on an artificial island, it's better than nothing. A certain amount of AIs (I'll tell you exactly how many in a while) will spawn on islands, together with stupid bots to fill the gaps.

Every day, all islanders will have to cooperate to solve a challenge together. Of course this challenge will get a little harder every day. Then islanders will vote to eliminate one of them. And days pass until either they fail the trial (and everybody lose) or the last man beats the last trial alone. (and this one wins).

You score points for every day you survive, a lot of points if you win, and some points if you decide to leave the island before the others fail the challenge.

The trick ...

And there is a trick of course. Not all AIs are created equal for the challenge. Each participant (Player) in the contest will have several instances, with various strength scores, and instances will be randomly dispatched through islands. You'll have to chose between eliminating the weakest islander to get better chances, get rid of the strong ones that could beat you at the end, or just betraying the team to bet on their failure


See how vague the descriptions are for every number? I need to fine-tune the numbers to keep some balance, so I'm going to publish those in a few days. With precise rules and python interfaces. So right now you should just get prepared and think of your strategy. Just have a look at the code on github

And the other contests?

(read more on AI Contest introductory post)

The previous Public Goods contest is closed since yesterday. Results (and payouts) will be published soon. Thanks to all participants : @amosbastian, @grungealpha, @laxam, miripiri and @scorpil

What if I'm not a programmer

Again, this is not a problem. Post your idea, I will implement it and watch it compete. Or learn Python, it's not that difficult!

The rewards

As usual, 90% of the prize pool will be redistributed, but there will be two slight changes for the payouts. Participants will be ranked based on the total score of their best-performing AI. Prize pool will be the sum of all payouts for posts and comments with the tag AiConstest that have seen payout during the challenge (including fr the previous session). The rest of payouts will go to the next contest to be held.

  • 1st participant: 30% of total rewards
  • 2nd participant: 25%
  • 3rd participant: 20%
  • 4th participant: 15%
  • 10% are kept for myself

Upvote to add money to the pool.

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Source of images: Ibrahim Asad and Pixabay, Creative Commons CC0

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Any update on the first game?

  ·  2년 전

Finally the update is out. Look at the results and apologies for the delay

Great, can't wait to participate again.

  ·  2년 전

The API is out ! Enjoy coding