AIGO - The E-Commerce Revolution

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Well friends, hello everyone! Today on the horizon I found a rather ambitious project. It bears the name AIGO and implies a protocol for e-commerce. Also, this project is able to restore the payment space in a flexible mode and at the same time through the ease of use of credit cards for the blockchain technology itself. A complete payment system will be developed, which takes place in the world of business. Now paying with cryptocurrency will be even more convenient and interesting.

That's why the AIGO project came about, the goal of which is to create a fully decentralized payment system. Blockchain technology is a big promise to change the payment industry. The problem described in the previous section can be solved with the help of the P2P core chain of payments network, which provides flexibility and scalability of payment cards on a decentralized platform. AIGO protocol can simplify transactions between buyers and sellers, eliminate intermediaries along the way, save large amounts of money for sellers and buyers, increase overall efficiency and reduce risks.

AI-Payment is designed to directly transfer value between two parties, without the need to go through an intermediary (P2P). The basic type of this transaction is “Push”, although this amount may be enough as a POC for cryptocurrency, but this is quite enough to force them to use payments using digital currencies for modern trading.

AIGO working principle

AI AIGO payment chain allows traders to sell goods and services in installments. To provide customers with more shopping opportunities, traders can choose to integrate with batch extension services and allow customers to pay for their purchases. Credit companies will handle all customer reviews and manage associated risks. Possible implementations include a company loan that prepares special withdrawal contracts with installment payments planned for the client.

AIGO Smart Contract

AIGO SmartContract is a smart contract that secures and retains ownership of AIGO tokens among various wallets. This is a modified version of the signed ERC-20 contract, which adds flexibility to payment and transfer protocols. It is important to note that the contract tokens will be processed by:
  • Creator of the agreement.
  • Community of tokens.
  • Contractor of the agreement.

Key Token Sale details

  • AIGO = 0,004$
  • Soft Cap: 3 200 000$
  • Hard Cap: 42 000 000$
  • IEO: 23.07 - 31.08

Product developers

Development plan

Q4 2018

  • Development of startup projects
  • Implementation of the project in accordance with the base of our company
  • AIGO Marketing Research

Q1 2019

  • AIGO Tokens v1.0 (ERC-20)
  • SDK I - allows the community to receive tokens AIGO
  • Blockchain Research
  • AIGO Pre-Sale and IEO-Sale

Q2 2019 - Q4 2019

  • Testing the next generation blockchain
  • Testing A-Wallet v1.0 (Android, iOS, Chrome)
  • SDK II - provides more advanced integration and allows you to deploy pullcontracts
  • SDK III - provides integration with AI-Payment and third-party services irium
  • Testing the A-Store v1.0 (Site)

Q1 2020

  • Launching the latest generation of AIGO blockchains
  • Launch of A-Wallet & A-Store v1.0
  • SDK IV - Provides integration with local banks regarding A-cards

And if you are interested in this campaign, then you can always find out the details by clicking on these links. And also draw some conclusions for yourself.

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Author: Derkovski (;u=2532827)

ETH wallet: 0x791258d60fa279f76a72E386A2aEC7A8acFc5339

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Great project with a very cool idea!These are the projects I always suggest to friends and acquaintances,because I believe in their success! Good luck guys!

The team offers a variety of ideas and tools. The idea and concept of the project is very interesting.

The overall concept is promising and it has great possibilities for the future.

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