⏩ #Reflection: Hippocratic Oath Taken By Doctors In Nigeria!

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Hippocratic Oath Taken By Doctors In Nigeria!

Hippocrates is regarded as the "father of modern medicine" because of his many contributions to practice and ethics in managing patients. Though his original wordings have been modified alot, the major principles are still intact.

During induction of new doctors into the profession, they are obligated by law to profess this oath under man and under God. Holding the bible (or Quoran as the case maybe), doctors make some solemn declarations that will guide their medical practice and conducts for life.

I personally felt chills running through my body as I said those words in October of 2014 when I was inducted into �the medical profession. Our words are our bonds because words have so much power engraved in them. As a doctor in practice, later on you will find those words admonishing you from time to time when you are doing it wrongly. Infact, the Hippocratic Oath is our conscience in medical practice.

This is an advice to all doctors in Nigeria and diaspora to have a second look at this oath. Let's remind ourselves of what we already know and reaffirm our continued move towards perfection in practice.


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Hello @ air-clinic, how are you doing? I haven't seen your post for a long time. I also heard about a doctor's oath. In Indonesia doctors are also sworn to do their jobs . Have a nice day, sir.