Living life as a freshman (Vol.2)

3년 전

Okay. I know it's been a while since I been here, three months plus to be precise. I lost my password by accident but hold on....... I just got it back now .. ( obviously that's why I'm online right now ).

So from the last time I was here.. I talked about how I went through my first year in college. This time we gonna be deviating a bit down memory lane.


 So some time in August/November 2006, I moved in with my elder brother while he was relocating to his new home. He was married even though not officially then but had kids already. You know everybody with they own way of living. He decided to have children before officially getting married it's now a norm in most places. It all boils down to family planning. Moving on.... Nice brand new 🏠 house. Looking all fine like those in the movies back then. I still recall how sometime when we was seeing a nollywood movie, we'll see some of our sitting room stuffs in there.. our centre Rog or our cotton or center table or our TV stand and all those stuffs, and we'll all chorus it together once we see them.. lol.. happy family you thought?

yeah you can say that but I didn't totally agree because the house turned into something else entirely for me.


   There was some points I look at people living with they parents and envied them because in here.. you couldn't just talk to your brother like the way you talk to your dad definitely.. I was only somewhere around 12 then and if you've ever stayed with your brother with his wife (aunty) before then you might have an idea of what I'm talking about.. then imagine that for 10 years more.. it was like hell to me even though I don't know how hell is but I was pretty sure it wouldn't be so different from the life I was living. 

I suffered alot from my aunt since I was the smallest then, I had my immediate elder brother and sister then too staying with us but they couldn't do nothing about it.. My big bros I was staying with was the one taking care of us, you know paying the fees and all and still taking care of his own kids. I believe you've seen how step mums suffer kids in the movies.. and if you use to think they exaggerated those things a little bit then you on a long thing.. mine was a little bit worse than those stuffs you see in the movies . I'll get beaten for no reason, and the funny part is you won't get beaten with bare hands ✋ no!!! Sticks and wood.. and as little as I was then I had to find solace. I'm grateful to God today my upbringing from my mum was solid strong.. she had told me never to get involved in in-human things like stealing, joining a cult group or having the female counterpart all over me so as not to get any girl pregnant even before I was up to the age to do so. And I didn't want to disappoint her in any way. My solace came when I finished primary school and got admitted into the secondary level of education.

There in the secondary school, to me it was a brand new life altogether for me. I had no idea it was gonna be a different whole new story for me in there.. a happy one atleast. Okay I just got admitted into '' Lisa Montessori schools 🏫 ''. The school had a primary and a secondary section inside the same compound . It was very big as at then with two story buildings rising from south to the east and west. The admin block was standing just infront of the gate when you enter in.


‎ .It was a second semester.. normally we have 3 semesters in here and it's normally called ''terms'' but c'mon... I'm no normal person atleast by now you should have recognised that.. lol..  ‎Going on... After I was admitted I was to start that same day because my  big bros had a good relationship with One of the staffs in there at the primary section as my nephew was already a pupil there way before we relocated to this our new apartment, she was in charge of buying books and any other learning materials needed so we got everything from her but no uniform for me yet because that, the school itself was in charge of that ... They had their own tailor that comes once in every term to take measurements of all the different students then that wanted uniforms both old and fresh students. Little did I know things was about getting better because at that point in my life... I felt like I lost everything, I was always thinking..... No calm mind ... I was always thinking about what I'm gonna do.. should I run away or not. Should I just come to school one day and disappear or should I kill myself? So many thoughts....
‎it was my first day.................


(To be continued.........) ...

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I for one am very happy cos i can see what you are becoming.. And I like what am seeing. #smiles#


Lol... @krismyguy sir the journey is still a very long one.. this is just vol.2

I've always loved you dear Clever, I didn't know if it was because of your Bigheadedness or because you had something deep... Well now I know it's because of .............. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Waiting for their story.


Lol... It's coming.. don't worry

Wow! The transformation is indeed glorious 🙌


Surely Glorious things are spoken of me.