Air Taco Recipe

4년 전


We all know that there are just days when you don't have any ingredients inside of the house,
or maybe you're just flat ass broke.
Well I'm here to give you a recipe that is sure to leave you in amazement due to the sheer ease of it!

Air Tacos

1)Expired taco shells from 2014.
2)loss of dignity

Designed for the individual who hates their life, the taste of the air in the taco is complimented by the tears you will produce after realizing that everything is a lie,your power is out, and the dog did In fact just shit on the suit you laid out for your interview in 30 mins

hey, don't waste any more time with silly job interviews.
The new wave is Airwaves

Slogan: AIR TACOS- "Put some air in my taco bitch"

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