Cloverdex - Airdrop Attention

3년 전

Cloverdex will provide a modular hybrid decentralised exchange and  secure multi-currency wallet (implementing multi-signature technology)  with strong focus on cryptocurrency market analysis and knowledge  sharing, user accessibility and friendliness, social trading, and best  practice regulatory and legal compliance. 

 Free 30 CDLX (6,3 $), 10 CLDX (2,1$) for every referral.  


  • Instructions:
  • Go to the Cloverdex Airdrop form.
  • Join Cloverdex Group on Telegram.
  • Join Cloverdex Channel on Telegram.
  • Join Cloverdex Bounty Group on Telegram.
  • Show activity in Cloverdex Telegram groups.
  • Submit your details to the Cloverdex Airdrop form.
  • You can earn 10 CLDX tokens per referral. For your referral link, paste your Telegram username after this link url.
  • Post a proof of authentication on Bitcointalk, with the information below:
  1.   #proof of authentication 
  2. Telegram login:  
  3. Bitcointalk Username:  
  4. ETH Address:  
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