Erecoin - Airdrop Attention

3년 전

Erecoin wants to build efficient, clear and uncomplicated transaction  processes to help to establish Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) as a  key manufacturing method in the future. Individuals and companies,  regardless of their geographical location, will be able to design,  modify, buy and produce products. 

Free 150 ERE (10 $) .

  • Instructions:
  • Go to the Erecoin Airdrop form. 
  • Join Erecoin on Telegram
  • Follow Erecoin on Twitter & re-Tweet this Tweet
  • Follow Erecoin on Facebook
  • Upvote and comment the Erecoin Airdrop.
  • Scroll down and write a comment about Erecoin.
  • Submit your Ethereum wallet address and other details to the Airdrop form. 
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