AXEL Network Marketplace - Airdrop Now Live

3년 전


The AXEL Network is a decentralised platform that allows for selling and sharing digital content easily without compromising your privacy.

AXEL Airdrop is now live.

  1. Register email + Eth address (500 AXEL)
  2. Join Telegram, Reddit and Twitter (100 AXEL each)
  3. Download the free AXEL app and create an account with same email address (500 AXEL).

Use referral code 1393557609 to get a further bonus!

Approx. AXEL value : $0.02 each.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi there,

i will follow you. Looking forward to more Airdrops from you. If you are interested, you can follow me too. I try to post Bounty and Airdrop Campaigns every day.

Lets support each other!

Best regards


Thanks. Followed you back ;-)

More than 90% of the airdrops are fake, head over to for participating in airdrops.