Crypto Airdrops: Sell for a quick buck or hold with long term vision?

3년 전

Today I joined the Byteball hype and got some free Byteball through the Airdrop they are offering for Steemians.

You can read the official announcement here:

The whole process was really simple and in no time I received $80 worth of GBYTE. I have to admit that I was really impressed with how fast the transfers go, my first experience with it was super positive.

This reminded me of something that happened to my brother´s friend/coworker. Back in the day (roughly 6 years ago) he received 50 free Bitcoins for downloading a wallet and signing up with them. At the time those 50 BTC were worth juat a handful of dollars.

Do you want to know what he did with those free BTC? Did he sell them for a quick buck? Did he held them?

Watch the video to find the answer!

Thanks for watching 😊😊


If you want to claim your free Byteball, download the wallet from here:

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Did he sell the 50 BTC at $20,000? 😂


Nope, he held them all the way 😊😊

See cryptocurrencies as a value that must be conserved in the long term, is not a business that matures today for tomorrow. It requires a waiting time for my to two years. Of course this is my opinion. Greetings from Venezuela

It is a good question in most cases I sell since most of the projects are of little value, although it is difficult to make a good prediction.

Yeah buddy absolutely! One never knows.I think the best option is that if you really believe and see potential (after research) in the project HODL, just if you think it's total crap dump it. And if you are at a midpoint then take some profits at certain point and keep some to especulate in the long term, 'cause It is also not a good idea to risk to stay bag holding a coin that maybe never will take off again.

In short: research and go for those that you see most potential, diversify and HODL.

Btw I liked this "forced hold" with the smart contracts. Lets see what happens in a year :D

Byte ball is down for some hours now, as transactions cant confirm in receivers wallet @dontstopmenow . I am trying to get more info about this, dont know if you have any solutions?. Greetings from Nigeria

I'm holding this ones pal, since they're free there's little to lose and more to earn. Never seen an Airdrop like this one before. Cheers Champ!

Hope am not to late . Here is my address

His story is one of many who got immense amounts of BTC, but the majority of people sold and lost the opportunity to make millions, just like him.

"We", early adopters are facing the FUD and everything around crypto, but if we are patient enough, in 8 years we might have millions in our bank accounts.


in 8 years we might have nuclear airdrops lol...shit
yea...hopefully...if things go smooth we might
I feel like a big crack down will come though that's why am trying to reach that goal sooner, no less than 2 years though at current market speed

Thanks @dontstopmenow, I must not miss this opportunity