AI ZEUS - Airdrop and ICO

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AI Zeus ($AZS) #AIRDROP and #ICO

AI Zeus is a decentralized platform that performs data sharing through #AI and #Blockchain integration. Our platform aims to solve this inefficiency by providing a system that will aid the sharing of data.
Enterprises will be able to sell anonymized datasets to developers with the aim of utilizing data to create customized applications though the integration of machine learning and articiial intelligence.

#ICO Info -

Ai Zeus is airdropping 1000 AZS #Tokens ($55) plus an additional 100 AZS ($5.50) for every referral.

#RULES: The sign-up MUST be done in a certain order or you will become ineligiable.

#FIRST_STEP: you must register at the website and confirm to SET your EMAIL and ETH addresses -

#NEXT_STEP: you then must use the exact SAME addresses to complete the #Airdrop Form -

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Decentralized #DApp

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