[AirDrop Osmium Investment Coin] Let's make $11.5.

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Osmium(https://www.oicoin.io) is the scarcest and most dense precious metal on earth. In the future Osmium will be established in the jewellery industry as well as a product for investors. Osmium Investment Coin is airdropping 50 OICOIN tokens to their community members. Visit their website, sign up and click on “Airdrop” tab, complete easy tasks and submit your details to your profile to receive 50 OICOIN tokens.

How to claim

  1. Visit the OSMIUM Investment Coin website. -> https://www.oicoin.io
  2. Sign up and confirm your mail.
  3. Click on the “Airdrop” tab.
  4. Join their Telegram group. -> https://t.me/OiCOiNchat
  5. Follow them on Twitter. -> https://twitter.com/OICoinICO
  6. Submit your ETH address and other details to your profile.
  7. You will receive 50 OICOIN tokens.

    ​You can earn $11.5(50 OICOIN) by air drop.
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