Start earning from airdrop...ابدأ الربح من الايردروب

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It is a constant fact that you can succeed quickly and in the best way when you help others succeed. - Napoleon Hill

Because there are so many beginner brothers in the field like me and they want to get a bonus airdrop but they stand to have a lot from the obstacles of how to record data to the addition of coins in the personal wallets by selling them at the platform
There are three important steps you need to learn before you start working in airdrop:

1. Know the details of the available currency
2. Create an account in the ethereum portfolio
3 - Create an account on the platform and how to add Token coins and sell and then converted to the balance of ethereum.

بالنسبه لأخوانى العرب اذا كنت لا تفهم الانجليزيه جيدا يمكنك الاستعانه بهذا الموقع فى ترجمة المقال وفهمه

I will talk about these steps in detail with the addition of many sources that will help you ... Let's start....

1. Know the details of the available currency

When you view a new currency Airdrop project, you must read all project details and try to understand it and must focus on three basic things

  • Know the currency data and keep it well in a special file to be used and then put it in your folder on the ethereum
  • access to their own Telegraph channel if available and interact with them and to know also all the new news about the currency
  • Also access to their Twitter page and follow them and interact with their news, also retweet them
    Then we come into the airdrop and record the data in it, I'll put most of the data that airdrop can ask of you:

BitcoinTalk username
Telegram username
ETH address
twitter username
twitter link profile
twitter User ID

2. Create an account in the ethereum portfolio

To create your own ethereum portfolio at Myetherwallet I will explain the steps in the pictures:

  • go to myetherwallet
    1-click "new wallet"
    2-create your password
    3-click "create new wallet"

4-download and save your keystore in safe place in your Computer
5-click "i understand. continue"

6- print and save your private key with your keystore in safe place in your Computer
7- click "save your address"


Now you have completed your wallet creation, you are left with a single step to know your address you can go to your address in more than one way, by your private key or keystore but I recommend you download "MetaMask"


after download create your password and click" connect to MetaMask"


Congratulations, you have now received address of your wallet

3 - Create an account on the platform and how to add Token coins and sell and then converted to the balance of ethereum.

To create an account in etherdelta I will explain the steps in the pictures:

  • go to etherdelta
    from your account in Myetherwallet you can access the platform
    1- click "import account"

2-write your address and private key from your account"Myetherwallet"
then click import account

Now you have a portfolio and an account in the platform, on the next article I will tell you about the strongest coins of the airdrop and the methods of drawing their own from the purse to the platform

A very recent note is very very important for beginners to enter your formation currency in the podium portfolio. You must have at least your ether at 0.001 ETH

These are some strong coins and have a very big future you've worked on and I will add detailed explanations in the next articles

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Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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