[BOUNTY] 🔥⭐Loopex Survey Bounty ⭐🔥

2년 전


This bounty is powered by Crowdholding. The crypto bounty platform that has over 34k sign ups and 90 projects. To see more bounties, airdrops and tasks click here - https://www.crowdholding.com

Now we decided to conduct a survey regarding the challenges Loopex might face from the competition in the future. We want to get your opinion about Crypto trading platforms to help determine existing competitors as well as upcoming new entrants in the ecosystem.


  1. Sign up to Crowdholding for free by clicking here - http://bit.ly/2SdyNxW

  2. Complete the survey on the page

  3. Tokens will be added to your profile, no need for spreadsheets!


The first 50 submission will receive 40 YUP and 40 XLP tokens

Looking forward to your contribution,

The Loopex Team.

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