Lumi Collect Airdrop for Blockchain Cuties

2년 전

Lumi Collect Airdrop:

Instructions to participate in airdrop:

Sign up for a blockchaincuties account:(Preferably have Metamask installed)

Follow the following users on twitter:
(Repost/retweet an airdrop announcement on Twitter )

Follow the following group on facebook:
(Repost/retweet an airdrop announcement on Facebook and screenshot or save a link to it for later. You will need to send it as proof.)

Join Telegram groups:

Install Lumi Collect (IOS devices) or Lumi Wallet (Android devices) installed on your phone (we’ll need a screenshot with your wallet address within the app as a proof)

Last Step for AIrdrop:

On Monday the 17th of September 2018, send an email to with links to all the due posts/accounts
OR send a Telegram message to @luminous_s.
You will receive a unique promo code to get your cutie right from the cuties website!
Don't send any email or Telegram before the 17th of September or your entry will be discarded.

Read some more:

If you would like some more info see this article:

Full airdrop details here:

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