Kryptonium Bounty Contest!

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Kryptonium Bounty Contest!

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What is an Airdrop :

Airdrop is distributed of coin or token is to the community for free or for small tasks, is a try to build a community that will support the token or coin, and every Airdrop is diffrenet from others, you can use Myetherwallet or Waves wallet or others is depend on which blockchain the token is built.

Kryptonium is glad to report the most inventive, energizing & easiest way to earn bounty contest ever.

This revolutionary system allows you to participate interactively and earn entries for every new participant that you bring into the program.

This challenge was made to make mindfulness among the crypto group about our token and our item by giving free tokens to individuals that offer and advance effectively this undertaking. It only requires time from you, nothing more, nothing less.

What is KRX Coin?
Kryptonium is a cryptographic money in light of Cryptonote, it has a safe blockchain which will empower upgraded levels of protection through highlights, for example, Ring CT's, I2P, Ghost and will encourage the introduction of Zero Knowledge smart contracts.

Token symbol: KRX
All Airdrop members will receive at least 1300 KRX
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Disclaimer : i can't find their contract address but i have receive more than 30 Airdrop, and i have find projects like this, i have received the Token after that i have fill the form and the distribution of the Token begin

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