MERIT | A new Airdrop is in Town!

3년 전

This one looks very promising, i therefore post about it here on my main account.

Pretty self explanatory stuff, sign up and get free coin :)

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In my opinion we can see effective increase in the Airdrops in the Crypto Sphere and in a way it's really effective because inturn it will going to give the boost to the Crypto Sphere and also it will Expand the Crypto Sphere.

Recently Byteball became trending topic and still the fever is going on where people are getting the opportunity to make something for free and according to the Steem Reputation.

And i hope that these phase of Airdrops will going to increase as time passes because, in my opinion Crypto Sphere is in Infant stage and it will expand as Crypto Sphere move towards the mass adoption.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I think the first airdrop hype wave is fading out currently, but surely there will be a lot to com.e

Have a good day as well :)


Agree with your words and thank you. 🙂

I just joined. Could you please confirm my invite ? Username's "war".


Still no new invites in, sorry

hopped in wait for an token by you ;)