Free Tokens! - Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks - No 73: Vodi X (VDX )

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Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks: Vodi X (VDX ) ..... .....

Vodi X is a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem leveraging on the blockchain and smart contract technology. This will be carried out in two phases, comprised of Vodi Micro-task and Vodi decentralized App (dApp) ecosystem. The Microtask will open up income opportunities for all Vodi users. The dApp ecosystem will allow other dApps and apps, including Vodi’s existing app, to plug into Vodi X; enjoying access to Vodi’s existing 4.5+ million users . They are are giving away airdrops as part of their launch campaign.


Follow these steps to claim your airdrops

  • Visit Vodi X airdrop page.
  • Submit and verify email address.
    • Join telegram group
    • Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet top tweet
    • Like their Facebook page, like and share top post
  • Complete all other social tasks.

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Good Luck!

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